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Raul Villalobos  Ahoy! Art Director, Illustrator & Animal Lover. Illustration account: @helloraul


So you're saying I shouldn't run ...

Cooking for stat buffs—I can't not hear this every time now. ❤️❤️❤️💛💛 #cooking #botw @little_terror @mishazaitsevsky @obidied

😂 it's a 10.00 tortilla. Puuuhleeeeeaase. There better be a charity involved.

Dim Sum with the classic crew ❤️👌🏽 @joshph @camille_durand @freiser @tonysnark @mkad @aarondanielreeves

"I& #39;ll just put that on in the background while I work..." the animation in this film is distractingly perfect 😂😂😂 #zootopia #daintybite

This is terrible. It's a terrible, terrible thing to have happened to this beautiful person. Please say her name. Dandara dos Santos.

Um. I really don't want this thing near me or my family, but how could I NOT back this kickstarter. It even comes with an old, busted and child-sized Android phone, just as ready for pint-sized hacking as the real thing. 😂😂😂 #trumptrolldoll thanks for the tip, @annaminkie

@cpsea I haven't seen it yet, but it's been highly recommended. I'm planning on going to this!

There is still so much work we have to do. Thanks for another energizing event @town_hall_seattle

Got to mess around with #tiltbrush today 😍😍😍

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