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Happy Saturday, angels! I wanted to just say “thank you” to everyone who takes the time out to engage with me. I love how different we all are, but yet so connected by our love for beauty, skincare, creativity, and all the other things that bring us together. Just sharing a shot of things that make me happy (including some newbies): •
🌸I picked up some new things from @chanel.beauty because I was having a terrible week. Chanel makes everything better. •
🌸 Thank you to @eskerbeauty & @dulce_earth for sending over some goodies! •
🌸Some items pictured have been gifted. •
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🌸Giveaway🌸 Hi, loves! I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with one of my favorite brands @saturday_skin for an incredible giveaway featuring three of my favorite products from the brand: Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel, Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream, and the newly launched Waterfall Glacier Water Cream (all available now at @sephora )! TWO lucky winners will each win this amazing trio of products from #saturdayskin . To enter you must: •
🌸Follow @dirtyboysgetclean & @saturday_skin .

🌸Tag a friend below (unlimited entries) .

🌸Like this photo. •
✨Optional: repost this image in your stories and tag me for 3 additional entries. •
⚠️Giveaway ends 7/24. Must be 18+ to enter. No giveaway/fake accounts. US only. Not affiliated with Instagram. This post is a sponsored collaboration with Saturday Skin. All thoughts, opinions, and creative visuals are my own & not that of the brand or Instagram. •
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What essentials do you keep in your @glossier pink pouch (or makeup bag in general)? Some of my essentials are: •
🍒Honey Infused Hair Oil* by @gisou this new travel size is a blessing from the Gisou angels. •
🍒Fragrance: loving Glossier You by Glossier (solid and edp) and Synthesized Musk* by @malinandgoetz — these two together are pure heaven. Also some Series 2 samples* by @dedcool
🍒Lip Care (always) Tinted Lip Treatment with SPF15 by @freshbeauty and Balm DotCom by Glossier. •
🍒Anything @welovecoco & @yslbeauty because....... •
🍒Vitamin C serum (Super Glow by Glossier) •
🍒Acids (BabyFacial* by @drunkelephant) •
🍒Eye cream👀 (Creme Ancienne* by Fresh.... amazing) •
🍒Cherries... because snacks are vital. •
✨tell me what’s in your bag or post a photo and tag me!✨

*Gifted •
@intothegloss @negin_mirsalehi @emilywweiss
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Happy Wednesday, loves! I hope everyone is having a great day so far! I wanted to quickly talk about a new and exciting online retailer that launched this year called @nuwavebeauty ! They sell authentic name-brand Beauty, Skincare, fragrance, etc at a discounted price. Including the @jimmychoo & @maccosmetics products above! You can use code: DIRTYBOYS at checkout for free shipping on any order! •
🍑Could I be more obsessed with my @realcaboodles collection? No. My inner 80s/90s child is screaming! •
🍑What products would make it into your caboodle/makeup case? Let me know what you’re loving!! •
🍑This post is a sponsored collaboration with Nu Wave Beauty. All thoughts, opinions, and creatives are all my own. •
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🌹Closed🌹I am so excited to announce that my friend @ohuprettythings & I have teamed up with @freshbeauty to each give a lucky winner a curated Fresh collection that Jess and I hand selected. We put a lot of thought into our Fresh picks that we both adore: Full Size Scented Candle(scent may vary) , Black Tea Kombucha Facial Essence Treatment, Rose Deep Hydration Cream, Rose Deep Hydration Toner, and Tinted Lip Treatment (shade may vary). We wanted to show the importance of unity and supportiveness within the community by collaborating together with one of our favorite brands! Remember we are each choosing a winner from our posts so be sure to enter on both of our photos for more chances to win! To enter you must; •
🌹Follow all three accounts: @dirtyboysgetclean @ohuprettythings @freshbeauty (I will check) •
🌹Like this photo (I will check) •
🌹Tag a friend (unlimited entries) •
🌹*Optional* Repost in your stories and tag me for an additional 2 entries •
⚠️US only, must be 18+ to enter, no fake/giveaway accounts, not affiliated or sponsored by IG. Winner will be selected randomly after 7/19. •
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Happy Sunday, loves! One of the best things about being a #prioripartner is that I get to give you updates on how I’m liking the products! I’ve been using the Brightening Serum* from @prioriskincare every other night for a few weeks now. It’s part of their #adaptiveskincare range, which addresses the skins individual needs. I find that the Brightening Serum is gentle enough for my skin, but effective. It contains 15% Lactic Acid to gently exfoliate & boost hyaluronic and collagen responses. It also contains 0.15% retinol to aid with skin resurfacing and renewing. I’m approaching 30 this year so I’ve made a conscious effort to use retinol more often but I can tend to be sensitive to it; this formulation has not caused any irritation at all. My experience with prescription strength retinol years ago was not so great but thankful there are so many great formulations that take all skin types into consideration like this one from Priori. I feel like consistent lower strength retinol is the key to my skin accepting it. •
🍑Which ingredient in skincare does your skin respond well to? Which ingredient do you find can irritate/sensitize your skin? •
⚠️Some items gifted. All thoughts/opinions/creatives my own. •
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TGIF, Babes!!! What a week! If you’re anything like me then you probably struggle with storage and functionality of your storage. But, thanks to @songmics I have a new storage unit to hold some of my beauty/skincare treasures! This sturdy three piece set holds so much in such a compact & beautiful unit! It’s lined so you can safely store jewelry too. And it’s available on @amazon Prime!! I’ll post a link in my bio and stories for those who are looking for a new storage for their skincare/beauty/jewelry! •
🍑What do you look for when searching for storage for your treasures? Functionality? Price? It just needs to look pretty? Let me know! •
🍑This post is a sponsored collab with Songmics. All thoughts, opinions, and creative visuals are 100% my own. •
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Hi angels! It’s almost Friday, don’t worry (can I get an “amen” or an “okurrrrr”?) so let’s just talk about beauty and skincare for a moment, shall we? •
🍑I received the most gorgeous package from @ctilburymakeup and I’ve pretty much been testing everything. I’ve fallen fast & hard. I’m in love. •
🍑 I also got an amazing package from @trinnylondon and omg the BFF Cream* is amazing! For those who don’t know, Trinny makes all of her products to where they can be stacked in little pots for travel and ease of use on the go. So genius! •
🍑I received a package from @gotoskincare , who just launched at @sephora in the U.S. ! So excited to try everything out. •
🍑The most beautiful candles from @ennecandles were gifted to me all the way from Japan & housed in natural onyx. This pink one pictured is a DREAM! I will post a discount code in my stories! •
🍑I found this INSANE mirror this past weekend while shopping out of town and nearly passed out from excitement. It’s double sided and the brass lined mirror is imbedded into a gorgeous piece of pink quartz. •
🍑What new goodies have you been trying out? Anything on your shopping list? Share with everyone below! •
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Happy Tuesday, angels! Sorry I’ve been a little absent the last few days but I was spending time with family & working on a few exciting things! And today is a very exciting day because @gisou have launched their travel size Honey Infused Hair Oil* !! So it comes in a 1.7 oz bottle vs the 3.4 oz of the original. So excited about this because if you can’t tell already I am obsessed with Gisou. Truly the best haircare line I’ve ever used. This is a great way to try it out before committing to a full size OR if you’re already obsessed with it— now you’ve got a baby bottle to travel with! •
🍑What is your favorite haircare brand? Do you like when brands make travel friendly products to try & travel with? •
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Happy Saturday, loves! I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend. I’m on my way out of town for the day with family that is visiting! I wanted to share a shelfie with some new things I’m trying out/soon to be trying out! •
🌸I had to pick up the Hollywood Flawless Filter by @ctilburymakeup (@ohuprettythings & @alittlebitetc made me do it). I used it yesterday and LOVE it. •
🌸I also purchased The Pearl by @tatcha when my shade came back in stock (@sortofobsessed made me do it) and omg it’s AMAZING for under eye darkness! •
🌸 there is a new product coming out from @katesomervilleskincare from the EradiKate line called Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment* that I’m excited to test out. The EradiKate line is so so good! •
🌸Brightening Enzyme Mask* by @malinandgoetz is a once a week exfoliating enzyme mask with fruit enzymes and botanically derived AHAs. I’ll be using this tonight after I get back from out of town! •
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Hi babes! I’ve seen so many people I adore and trust talking about being a #prioripartner so I was excited when @prioriskincare reached out to me to try their Adaptive Skincare range. What #adaptiveskincare means is they have created a skin science to respond to and address your skin's individual needs. Designed to deliver replenishment, hydration, protection, and recovery. Our skin is not all the same, so why should we expect skincare to be a "one size fits all"? •
🌸I have been trying out a few bits from the range and so far I am really loving the Q+SOD f230 Eye Cream & Q+SOD fx220 Brightening Serum. The Brightening Serum has antixoxidants, enzymes, lactic acid, and .015% retinol to help brighten the complexion.

🌸What new products are you excited to try? Let me know below! •
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Hey, angels! Happy Tuesday! So I have a story to tell about the Coconuts Perfume* by @sundayforevernyc . I ordered the crystal ball from them and I could smell something so beautiful from the boxes I brought in from the deliveries. I thought something leaked. It smelled that strong and amazing. I opened the box that the crystal ball was in and was like “OMG what smells so STUNNING!?”. I texted the owner of Sunday Forever and asked what they sprayed on the tissue paper and she told me it’s their perfume ‘Coconuts’. Guys. It smells INSANE. I usually can’t stand coconut fragrances because they’re annoyingly sweet and artificial. This one is out of this world. She worked so hard to create it and it shows. •
🍑Also, Thank you to @anese.co for sending over some goodies! I’m excited to treat my butt (and face). •
🍑What fragrance are you loving? •
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