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1/2 Of Marshall's Haute Sauce  A bashful beast of curtsies & compliments.

First @marshallshautesauce tasting of the year! Had a great time talking about sauce, supporting local farmers, and great restaurants in Portland. (I can’t help myself.)

@spicymarshall & #littleladynotababy making steamed dumplings. It is good to be home. (Although they clearly are t ready to take off their bracelets.)

Taco Pizza. It’s like when you wanted a beer but also wanted a margarita and someone was like “How about a margarita with a beer in it?” Only it is the pizza version of that.... does that make sense? My reality right now is a bit wonky.

Storm Bun Bun update: Still super cute. Thanks Anna for taking care of her! #minilop

Caught a critter sighting! Apparently #littleladynotababy after being so excited to meet the raccoon, she nonchalantly said “Dad, I know it’s just a guy in a suit.” Later she decided it was a girl bc the raccoon was a girl. That’s how it works.

#littleladynotababy navigating a mirror maze.

No surprise that the pink vampire teeth that I won for #littleladynotababy are a big hit. #spookykid

I call this “I forgot to bring a wine key.”

Also forgot to bring wine glasses. Didn’t forget to get @bowampersandarrow Gamay. I’m no expert but I feel like hotel wine is better in flimsy plastic cups. You?

Just found this in an old Dj bag. (All of my luggage are record bags.) It is my old id from my previous life. They never had me redo my photo so I was in my 20s and Incase you were wondering what is up with my neck on the left, I had a rat tail. #not90sdirk #youarewelcome

As my daughter was drifting off to sleep I thought it might be nice for her to wake up to a lil vacation buddy. So I popped down to the arcade and (first try) won her this unicorn squishi. Unfortunately when it went to drop it, it fell into the game next to it which was plush rolls of toilet paper. So I had to (mind you, I’m an adult) say to the 16 year old attendant “Excuse me but my unicorn that I won fell into the toilet paper game. Can you get it for me?” #dadlife

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