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1/2 Of Marshall's Haute Sauce  A bashful beast of curtsies & compliments.

Fajitas on family funday with @spicymarshall & #littleladynotababy .

Dumplings in Szechuan chili oil. I ate all but one..... Soooo gooood!

I proudly bought the very first bottle of @freelandspirits Gin when I met them @portlandnightmarket . As of last night, the first bottle sold, has run dry. Looks like I’ll have to track down their new Blue bottle! It is a fantastic Gin from a wonderfully talented group of people. .
#pdxdrinks #freelandspirits #gin #cocktails

NACHO-JOs!!! Black Beans + Cheese + Serrano + Tomato + Jo Jo Potato . *Red Chili Lime @marshallshautesauce .

One of the many things that having a child reminds you is how rad forts are. #littleladynotababy and I have spent many hours in this wolves den. (Thanks to @yogabed & @ulineofficial .)

#littleladynotababy serving pizza pocket hors d’oeuvres at our good friend’s birthday party. Soooo if there’s any food service jobs out there....

Red Chili Lime @marshallshautesauce & Gochujang pulled chicken tacos with rosé pickled shallots, basil, and Serrano peppers.

Pizza for #littleladynotababy on family funday.

Corzetti & Mushroom Ragu @luceportland . Delivery day means the rare chance to grab a delicious lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots! .
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Oh, hey guys! 90s Dirk here. Just rocking my bleached pixie cut (minus the spot up front that I had dyed black) and my lime green Horsey shirt because in the 90s you even buy the opening bands t-shirt even at a Pigface concert. This photo however was not at that show. Nope. This is one of those normal “Hey a men’s room. Take my photo but I’m gunna look over here.” The rest of the look was tiiiiight green plaid pants and 20 hole docs. (Yea, with telephone wires for laces cuz that was my thing for some reason.) Also look at my eyebrows! It’s like two Magnum P.I. Mustaches! #90sdirk #pigface #horseybandtshirtsquad #horseyband #industrialrock

@reyka_vodka + Lime + Ginger + Turmeric + @topochicousa .The Golden Girl is one of my favorite cocktails at one of my favorite places @lamoulepdx .

Due to my killer appetite and to the horror of many, I’m about to murder this cereal. (Jk. I bought this for my little monster.)

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