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1/2 Of Marshall's Haute Sauce  A bashful beast of curtsies & compliments.

Nope. This isn’t 90s Dirk (but it could have been.) Just a Dad in a box fort that he built for his daughter. A fort that saw a lot of birthday love. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta recycle this kingdom and set up my labeling station. I have a lot of work to do!

@devery66 made #littleladynotababy a spooky ghost cake.

Finished the spooky cave just in time. Happy Birthday #littleladynotababy ! 5 years old and sooooo spooky!

#littleladynotababy wanted to have a spooky birthday again this year. Her requests were to bob for apples, have a spooky piñata and a haunted box fort. @spicymarshall arranged the first two and I built her this! Complete with strobe light, glowing balloons and a secret passageway.

@spicymarshall & #littleladynotababy making wishes. Thanks to them, mine has clearly been granted.

@spicymarshall holding her #1 bottle of @freelandspirits Bourbon in their beautiful new bar/distillery. We love everything these talented women are doing and we are proud supporters of @freelandspirits !!!

The skillet pie @pizzajerkpdx . It’s the birthday lunch @spicymarshall had to have ! ! !

Oh, hey guys! 90s Sarah here. Just keeping it casual because today is my BIRTHDAY! Can’t decide how I want to celebrate... Go see Everclear and No Doubt at the 94.7 concert or get a Velvet Hammer at Coffee People or buy a new choker at Big Bang. Either way it should be a pretty special day. Please feel free to send birthday wishes and tag me ( @spicymarshall ) as this is definitely me and not my future husband although soon after this we were at the same Stone Temple Pilots show.

Oh, hey guys! 90s Dirk here. Just keepin’ it casual in my vinyl zip up shirt, a respectable amount of eye shadow, bleached hair with a tasteful wisp of natural roots going on, shiny jeans, and supremely thick sole shoes. I’d love to stay and chat but I’m about to go Dj some My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult remixes to 5 people drinking absinthe in a basement.
#90sdirk #koolerthanjesus #surewishthisshirtwasmadeofamorebreathablematerial

Apple Pie + Quince + Streusel @willowpdx . The end to their current meal. A fantastic take on Thanksgiving fare. Really good and great to meet everyone involved!

‘Sweet Potato Pie’ Fried Squash | Foie Gras @willowpdx . A brilliant start to a birthday meal celebrating @spicymarshall . Happy Birthday !!!

Salsify Ants on a Log- Salsify + Bone Marrow Butter + Caviar by @ctmcnaughton for the @williamssonoma & @hestanhome Harvest Party. #hestanharvestparty #pdxnow #pdxeats

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