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Alchemist 🕊CRYSTAL SCHRIENER🌹  Forbes✍🏻Creative+Intuitive+Truth Leadership 🌏Brand+IG Vision Alchemist+Futurist Flow-to-Form Catalyst BEAUTYEVERYWHERE express align to Divine Design

I bet chya never knew. There’s a universe inside of you. ..this is me tonight.. after the shamanic inspired sound healing journey. Everything is energy. What you seek is seeking you. I see with my heart first then my eyes and today I was vividly visited by the dove 🕊 and given a rose 🌹that blossomed in my throat. Its time, again to rise🔥 #expandingAF #comingbacksoon 💫 #longestdigitaldetoxEVER #focusonsolvingworldproblems

Guess what ?! I'm speaking LIVE❤️Today ! In Chicago. Cannot wait to teach some QUANTUM CREATIVE EXPRESSION at @fearparadox summit 👊🏻🔮⚡️⚡️⚡️

I have faced every single one of these things! Resilience, perseverance and passion rooted in values will keep you from quitting when your "not famous enough to be famous yet" or rejected 10000000 times ( my pitches for directing or creative directing projects have been rejected 9/10 times ) It's a really competitive industry, so taught me how to always get back up! ... the secret is to adapt, grow and flow. Choose self love and worthiness and grow from joy and beauty. Be present. Kind. Show up. Be the light. Follow through. Balance your life. Be as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. This harmony and strength within you will never let you get knocked down 💫❤️ move from the river of joy within, and see the beauty everywhere... you are always unfolding. #beautyeverywhere

With all the posts about the 'Hollyweed' sign... I couldn't resist doing a throwback! Here's a pic of my first day in Hollywood/LA. A week earlier I had set an intention to go to either grad film school or apprentice a director.. literally the next week.. I was on my way.. 2000 miles across the country on a gut feeling just *knowing* I would get the directors assistant job I was interviewing for. Literally, I was on set the day after I arrived. The universe likes to move with speed when you show up, it's got your back. ( key word, *show up*) .. Moral of story, always follow your intuition. When you take the leap, the net appears❤️ 💫
Tell me about a time you took a big leap !! I want to hear stories ! #manifest #imagination #dreambig #taketheleaps #hollyweed #hollywood

Looking at 2017 like: all I see is beauty & magic. Set your intentions ❤️ #beautyeverywhere

I made a ton of mistakes this year. Maybe more than I have in my whole life- it was also the year I made Forbes.com 30U30 front page. See there is a quote out there that says something like this : if youre not making mistakes... you're not taking enough action. This year learned a lot, behind the scenes I was taking action ... it was a lot less action on Insta I know, but I had to shift and grow into other areas bts in biz .. it was a HUGE learning curveball. But these are things every entrepreneur will have to go through as we learn and build every scalable system in business.
I had amazing things happen & amazing things fall apart. Really big highs, really big lows. It was so different than 2015.. when I launched beauty everywhere- that was the bliss of its inception. Then the universe tests you-This year was filled with deeper challenges. .. and to be honest information overload ( I learned digital marketing, product to market, tech systems galore, online sales operations .. all in record time) I'm still trying to actually let it all sink in fully .. so I can put to action everything I've learned from my coaches, mentors and my students.. This year I also said goodbye to a project I was working almost 2 years on.. that was hard, really.. really.. really hard. But I'm seeing that letting go is allowing space for more aligned projects and amazing people in my life. Closing that door was hard.. I lingered in it far too long. So to this quote, don't cling to a mistakes just because you spent a lot of time making it. It will cause you pain emotionally, mentally, physically.. if you don't let. go. Choose to see the beauty in your mistakes and grow ! ❤️ I hope me sharing this helps you, I wish I could have shared more of these things throughout the year, but I was digesting so much change.. and quite frankly, the shifts in projects, work & life kinda scared the shit out of me. It was like I was outgrowing an old snake skin and shedding it .. but feeling kinda naked in my new skin. I hadn't had a chance to get a full perspective on the lessons until recently.. and I'm still letting it sink in.. Will share more in 2017 ❤️💫 #imperfectaction

My philosophy in life is simple: see beauty everywhere.

Live in beauty, breath it, surround yourself in it, dream of the beautiful, be the beautiful.
Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful. Eat foods that makes you beautiful. 
Create a home where you let nothing be of either practical use or be beautiful.
Build relationships that are beautiful. Build your dream business and make it beautiful.
Create your life like beautiful masterpiece, like a painter, like a dancer, like an architect.
Be intentional, choose beauty.
Something funny starts happening when you start seeking beauty. 
All your worries start to go away. The moments become more alive. 
You begin to hear the layers of sounds. You hear the world like a symphony,
where one beautiful chord or melody is playing over the next
Color pallets start to feel more rich and tangible. Your imagination start to go wild, you become one with the beauty and melt into it. Earth feels like a heaven and you wonder why 
you never did this before… 
And when you see that beauty, celebrate it. Always
The more you celebrate in life, the more in life you have to celebrate.
Open your heart to the goodness, and make a choice to receive all the 
beautiful gifts of the world. 
And the hardest part but most important: accept challenges, because they make you the most beautiful -
They flip your world upside down and force you to practice seeing 
the good when yet everything falls apart. Be like a stain glassed window, that when things are shattered and broken, find the light and shine it through. And when you find it, follow that rhythm, follow that song, dance along and let no one stop you. 
Dance along the way, find the beat of your own drum, and go courageously 
in the direction of your dreams, your beautiful, beautiful dreams.

What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present
Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden.

People look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coast, or in the hills . . . There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind. . . . So constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself. #beautyeverywhere

Hey hey! Crystal here ( go to my stories for a good time ! ) I brand things and see beauty everywhere. But I'm really just a small town girl who doesnt want to grow up. I'm kinda stuck in never never land and believe in miracles and lots of play. This is the snow hill I got to play on growing up. We used to throw hot chocolate parties here in the evening with the local scout groups. I was a badass Girl Scout obsessed with selling the most cookies every year. I guess that's when my entrepreneurship crazed self maybe started all my fearless selling .. And cold calling! Right out of the phone book! Lol selling 400+ boxes of thin mints and caramel delights. Ya'll have no idea how crazy I was about getting badges and selling those cookies. Who else was a Girl Scout ?!?! And what's your favorite Girl Scout cookie ?! 🍪

Good morning 🌞 ! Let's hang? I'm teaching you all my big branding knowledge, Instagram wisdom and how I built a digital brand that got into @Forbes and grabbed the attention of @supersoul hosts, @garyvee's team, the ad agency that runs the @olympics.. how I built revenue through my Instagram vision and more.. and what visual content marketing looks like when you are utilizing the power of NOW marketing, from your beingness. My system is called #QuantumCreativeExpression, and I'm one of the only teachers who approaches social media like a holistic creative visual doctor! You can be enlightened and spiritual and knowledgeable , but if you as a leader of your vision/brand/self can't craft your ideas into FORM aka content, your marketing is going to flop. Visual storytelling is GOLD. You NEED to know this stuff if you plan to be marketing anything ( even yourself ) in 2017 and beyond. Here's the truth : If your visuals are out of alignment, chances are you are too, and your brand definitely is loosing sales because of it - let's change that. Tomorrow. Sign up, free Instagram & Big Branding workshop- link in bio. Class is tomorrow ! + one live attendee will win 1:1 mentorship with me :)

This is how I feel when I’m on set. 
Like a badass goddess.
Seeing every moment as a miracle. 
Being tuned into awareness.. on hyperdrive.. getting in flow with the creation. 
Learning the craft of directing completely changed my life. 
I learned to trust my imagination. 
Filmmaking taught me the art of magic.
The art of manifesting. 
The art of taking creativity and bringing it into form.
Crafting stories. 
Essentially, designing the world around you. 
Embarking the journey of learning this craft has been
hands down the most difficult but rewarding phase in my life.
When I was 21 I would always ask my teachers in college… “how can i be a director?”
They told me to climb the ladder in the ad agency world. 
They also told me that internships for directors didn’t exist.
I refused to accept those realities and created opportunities for myself.
to learn the craft. 
The truth is, to become a director… it takes WORK. 
A lot of failing. A lot of money. A lot of teamwork. 
A lot of time. Dedication. Seeing things through. 
A lot of trust in your imagination. 
When you first start, you suck. 
Your work looks like a 5th grader put something together.
But you practice until you understand harmony from an INNER LEVEL. 
Once you master the technicalities,
what’s left is your imagination.. and how well you can understand turning 
your vision into something tangible.. in harmony.. into a brand. a story. into real LIFE. 
With music, with sound, with story, characters, props, styling, scenes, location. 
You become a world designer. 
You learn how to co-create with the laws of the universe.
From within.
I believe the craft of directing visions is something we are all capable of learning.
Especially now, because of Instagram and the multimedia available at our fingertips.
We have the ability to become directors with pictures & words and creating grander visions
... right on our phones. And bring those vision into the REAL WORLD TOO.
Moment to moment. 
Frame by Frame. 
From flow.. to form. 
Building relationships.. changing the world.. making an impact.. We are all directors at heart. 
You just have to wake up & start creating ❤️💫

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