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Whenever people on IG say they were inspired I can never tell if they just mean they saw it on someone else's feed and they're gonna copy... maybe it's a little bit of both. I once saw a portrait of Christian Watson exactly like this and I remember thinking it was such a unique way of holding the camera and also a portrait I hadn't seen before. I guess after seeing a lot of the same pictures on here I can't tell between the blurred lines of imitation and inspiration. #x100f πŸ“·: @lostfoxcollective

Every time I see a campfire I hear Tom Hanks in Cast Away, when he makes his own fire. πŸ”₯ #x100f

Truth be told Sunday's was the first campfire I've had since 2014. I love the smell, vibe, etc. I wish there were way more spots in Seattle proper to do it. But I guess you have to enjoy the heat, crackle and ember when you have the chance. So, you know how some people just annoyingly spread a bunch of pictures to post throughout a whole week of only the same spot/place and post like they are there? Yeaaaa I'm gonna do that first part #sorrynotsorry

This is what one 5am Sunday morning campfire looked like. πŸ“·: @lostfoxcollective #upknorth

I didn't know what a mistletoe looks like, so I pointed up and said all of them were it's tradition. #x100f 😘

Checked out twin peaks yesterday. #x100f

Weekends with you πŸ’• #x100f

Grounded, but we'll be in orbit soon. #vanlife

But first, tea. #x100f

I've been thinking lately about life and my Instagram. Some take it more seriously than others and before, I was really guilty of that. Sometimes being carbon copies of content we think is going to do well, going to the same places, applying different minimal tweaks to photos to make them look different. It's made me feel like I've gotten away from doing the things I love and what I like. Once you get a certain amount of followers, you end up buying into that for however long and I feel like it's taken me away from moments and how I used to experience them.
I once had aspirations of writing films, so much so that in college I was set on applying to a particular film intensive. I wrote 92 pages and my hard drive failed. Unrecoverable. After, I stopped. Art, photos, writing seriously. Then life happened, then Instagram. I feel like it's hard to find your voice in this platform, so maybe starting to share scribbles I've typed or stories I've imagined will jumpstart me into that part of me that's been dormant for so long.


Couple of more parts and I think it'll be good for a longer drive. #vanlife

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