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You're the precious gem who's unaware of its existence. You're wanted than you realize. You're special no matter what they say @neelofa ❤️ #ilofayou #bravemindshortestcaptionforyou

Shout out to the trendsetter who came up with this current fashion trend. Being a trendsetter is hard work 🙌🏻 #FollowLofa #iLofaYou ❤️

With respect, she has a heart of gold. A Malaysian in Canada. A true blessing to everyone there. #inspiration

Beach, please 😫 #meetingeverday

Brave mind rindu ❤️ #tb

we just doing our thang in the mix #pardonme

sejenis yang suka letak tangan dalam pocket 💁🏼 #ootd

Kucing-kucing comel berkeliaran di malam minggu @sha_alhabshee 😸 #perasancomel

🦋 Thank YOU 🦋
Keep shining @neelofa . Keep shining as brightly as you were meant to shine. DIM FOR NO ONE. You're the definition of a confident, independent woman for whom failure is not an option
This post, to simply cease and purposely ponder the notable events that you have influenced to our life and take the time to thank and appropriately acknowledge you. So, Thank You
Thank you for having the courage to walk away from people that aren’t able to commit in the same way that you are, so that you can move on to find someone who can
Thank you for not giving up and working through your deepest, darkest fears and letting the light in
Thank you for dropping your expectations of who you think you should be so you can be who you are
Thank you for feeling everything, even the nonsense stuff and even when that voice is saying ‘it’s too hard’.. knowing that feeling is healing
Thank you for choosing the path of self love when you’re broken, even when the path of self destruction feels like the safest option
Thank you for your tears, your laughter, your strength, your smile
Thank you for accepting yourself, as you are, right here and right now
Thank you for the mere gloss that reflects your kindness to so many people in your life
Last but not least, Thank YOU for being who you are, touching so many people around you with your warmth and keep making us proud with your inspiring achievements. ❤️#ilofayou



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