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Bespoke Press On Nails  ▪️ 5* Reusable #PressOnNails ▫️ Long Lasting, Salon Quality ▪️ Handmade To Order ▫️ Bespoke Orders Welcome ▪️ Worldwide Delivery ▫️ Web & Etsy👇🏻

✨ The Shocker Selection ✨
💖 These look INSANE under UV 🙌🏻
💚 Choose your neon shade, or select a combination of colours!
🧡 Matte or glossy finish 💛 All shapes and sizes available!

Pick Your Pastel
✨ Available in any shape and size, with a gloss or matt finish!
✨ Creation time 1-2 weeks (for now 😋😉)
@luxapolish absolutely dreamy pastel collection, I can’t get enough!

▪️ 1x Ready To Ship acrylic ‘Neon Glitz’ available! ▪️
✨ Size Medium
✨ Style Long Coffin
✨ Looking for another shape or size? These neon cuties are available as Made to Order on my website!

▪️ More Ready to Ship sets now available at dippycownails.com
▫️ Check out the latest styles!

Looking for some sassy AF #pressonnails pronto? I have a whole range of ready to ship nails, but hurry ‘coz they are selling fast!
✨ Follow my bio link to head to my website!
✨ Made to order sets will be live again in a few days!

▫️ No measuring needed as all sets contain every size, as well as a free nail prep pack AND 24 adhesive tabs 💅🏼
▪️ Limited sets available so move quick!
▫️ Shop link in bio

Thank you all so much for your kind words and shared disgust at the actions of @primark in stealing one of my designs, mass producing it and selling it in their stores.
▪️ Never have they contacted me to explore a collaboration (which...HELLO, I would have jumped at the opportunity!), they’ve not credited me for my design, nor have they responded to me about this matter.
▫️ I will fight this, but all the help I can get is appreciated. After all, it only takes one source to pick this up and fight for the underdog!

💵 The Moneymaker Set 💵 ▫️ One of many new designs that will be ready to order when I reopen in a few days!
▪️ Who’s excited?! 🙌🏻

▫️Okay, help please. So this was one of my first ever designs sold on my Etsy nearly 2 years ago (anyone that’s followed my journey will know that my whole branding and photography has been very different for a long time, which only further illustrates just how old this set and image is!) I created this design based on a few inspo nail art images on Pinterest, combining a number of ideas into a full set.
▪️Now I’m seeing that @primark are selling press on nails quite clearly using my design... how the FUCK is that on?!
▫️ Don’t get me wrong, everything is inspired and we all take influence but for one of the biggest brands to blatantly steal your own design? I can’t believe it! And I’m seeing other designs that are very clearly just stolen from other #pressonnails artists.

These #neonnails will be one of the new designs available when I reopen!
✨ I’ll be taking new orders in approx 2 weeks ❤️❤️
@daily_charme 💿💿

Love this trio! 💅🏼
✨ A huge thank you for your patience while I get through my last orders. I still have 32 orders (some with multiple sets) so I’m continuing to work my 🏐🏐 off to try get all out Monday/Tuesday ❤️ ✨ Will be reopening as soon as I can with some new designs and a selection of sexy ready to ship sets 😘

Never tire of making this set!
▪️ what other colours would you love to see in this matte #foilnails design?

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