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Today we join in celebration of Chile’s Independence Day 🇨🇱
The Chilean people celebrate Independence Day, one of the national holidays, on September 18.


Celebration of this holiday opens a series of festive events, that are awaited by children and adults, because many schools and companies have a week-long holiday.
The Spanish began conquering Chile in 1540 in hope to find rich gold and silver mines. Although they didn't find what they wanted, they recognized the agricultural potential of the country. Spain administered Chile as one of its colony till the early 1800s, when the movement of independence began to spread across the colonies of Central and South America. In Chile the movement was also forced by the appointment of an unpopular governor in 1808.

On September 18, 1810 the First Government Junta was established in Chile to administer the country after deposition and imprisonment of King Ferdinand VII by Napoleon Bonaparte. This was one of the first steps of Chile towards its independence and the event, that led to the beginning of the Chilean War of Independence.

Officially Chile declared independence from Spain only on February 12, 1818 and it was recognized on April 25, 1844. But the establishment of the First Government Junta and beginning of the war of independence are traditionally celebrated in Chile as Independence Day.


Celebration of Independence Day is marked with national parties, that include parades, dancing, partying and displays of national pride. A firework illuminates the sky in the evening. #diplomatssociety

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Today we join in celebration of Prince’s Day in the Netherlands 🇳🇱
The third Tuesday in September annually marks Prince's Day (or Prinsjesdag) in the Netherlands. This is the day of the ceremonial opening of a new parliamentary year.


Prinsjesdag was used to name all public holidays, connected with the important dates in the life of the royal family of the House of Orange (birthdays, days of coronation, weddings etc.). But nowadays this term is applied only to one day, when the king or the queen of the Netherlands opens a new parliamentary year.


The head of the state officially arrives in the Golden Carriage, escorted by court dignitaries and military escort of honor, in Binnehof, that is a complex of buildings in The Hague, where the houses of the States General of the Netherlands, the Ministry of General Affairs and the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands are situated.

The monarch delivers a solemn speech at 1 P.M. from the throne. The head of the government announces the plans for the new parliamentary year and proposes the national budget for the next year. After the end of this ceremony the reigning monarch returns to the palace and salutes the gathered crowd from the balcony. #diplomatssociety

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Today we join in celebration of Mexican Independence Day. 🇲🇽
This Independence Day is celebrated on September 16. It commemorates the Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores) of 1810, which sparked the Mexican War of Independence. Independence Day is one of the five patriotic holidays (Fiestas Patrias) in Mexico.


On September 16, 1810, Roman Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang the bell, gathering his congregation in the small town of Dolores, and addressed the people in front of the church, encouraging them to revolt against the Spanish colonial authorities. This address became known as the Grito de Dolores.

Although Mexico officially gained dependence in 1821, after eleven years of war, it is the anniversary of the Grito de Dolores that is marked as Mexican Independence Day. Its celebration begins around 11 p.m. on September 15 with a ceremony at the National Palace in Mexico City.


The President of Mexico rings the bell and addresses the crowd with the Grito Mexicano, a shout of patriotism based on the Cry of Dolores. Then he waves the national flag, and the attendees sing the national anthem.

Independence Day is marked with the September 16 military parade held in Mexico City, patriotic programs, open-air performances etc. Similar celebrations take place in cities and towns all over the country. #diplomatssociety

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Today we join in celebration of Enkutatash (Ethiopian New Year)
For those who might not know on the first day of the month of Mäskäräm, Ethiopians and Eritreans celebrate the beginning of the new year.


Ethiopian new year is called Enkutatash in the Amharic language spoken in Ethiopia. It falls on September 11 (or September 12 during leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.
The Ethiopian calendar is based on the Coptic calendar. It has twelve months plus five epagomenal days. Every four years, there is an additional epagomenal day, just like in the Julian calendar. Such years are called leap years. During these years, Enkutatash is celebrated a day later that usual in the Gregorian calendar.

The word “Enkutatash” can be translated literally as “gift of jewels”. It is the reference to the jewels which the Queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon during her visit. When she returned to her land, her chiefs gifted her with jewels to replenish her treasury.


Enkutatash is a public holiday in Ethiopia and Eritrea, which was part of Ethiopia until 1991 de facto and 1993 de jure. Its celebration is both secular and religious. In the morning, people attend church services, and then return home to have a family meal.

Enkutatash marks the end of the rainy season and beginning of spring, so children celebrate it with gathering flowers and giving them to their family and neighbors in exchange for small gifts. #diplomatssociety

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Today we join in celebration of the Independence Day in Brazil 🇧🇷
The national holiday Independence Day is observed annually in Brazil on September 7.


This holiday was officially established in 1949 to celebrate the date, when Brazil declared its independence from the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves.
Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Portugal in 1808 as the result of the country's refusal to participate in the trade embargo against the United Kingdom. The Portuguese monarch moved the Court from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro, the capital of then-Colonial Brazil. In 1815 the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves was created.

In 1820 the royal family had to return to Portugal and the Portuguese Assembly demanded Brazil to return to its former condition of colony. Pedro, Prince of Brazil, refused it and proclaimed independence of Brazil on September 7, 1822. Portugal recognized Brazil as an independent state only in 1825.


Annual military parade attracts thousands of viewers, who celebrate Brazilian Independence Day. A grand military parade in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, is attended by President of Brazil. Similar parades are held in every state capitals of Brazil. #diplomatssociety

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It is a great honor to be taking part of “Lake Chad conference” in Berlin. 🇹🇩 🇩🇪
For those who might not know the conflict and climate change have plunged the Lake Chad region into one of the world's worst humanitarian crises.
This conference aims to raise more support for the millions of people in need of aid.
The high-level meeting on the Lake Chad region, jointly organized by Germany, Norway, Nigeria and the United Nations, comes roughly one and a half years after a donor conference in Oslo that raised more than $672 million(€580 million) in humanitarian assistance for the region.
Speaking at the opening of the Berlin conference, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the situation in the Lake Chad region had improved in recent months. "There is real hope that the vicious circle of poverty, displacement, radicalization and terror can be stopped," Maas said. Joint efforts by all governments in the region had been a "game changer" and had helped to reduce the areas controlled by Boko Haram from a territory the size of Belgium to some few isolated patches of land, the minister added. #diplomatssociety

Today we join in celebration of the Republic Day in San Marino 🇸🇲
Republic Day is a major national holiday in San Marino (the full name of the holiday is Feast of San Marino and the Republic).


This holiday is annually observed on September 3 to celebrate anniversary of foundation of the republic of San Marino in 301.
According to the legend, San Marino was founded by Saint Marinus, who left the island of Alba (present-day Croatia). He escaped from the Diocletianic Persecution of the Christians and settled nearby Monte Titano, a mountain of the Apennines. He built a church there, thus founding a new city and later the state of San Marino. The official day of the foundation of the state is known to be September 3, 301.


Various events are organized to celebrate Republic Day in San Marino. The day begins with a solemn mass and the relics of Saint Marinus are carried in the procession across the streets of the city. When official celebration end in the afternoon, the festivities assume a more popular nature. People enjoy a crossbow tournament, concerts and popular bingo event. #diplomatssociety

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Today we join in celebration of the Revolution Day in Eritrea 🇪🇷
People of State of Eritrea annually celebrate Revolution Day on September 1.


This public holiday commemorates the day, when the Eritrean Liberation Front led the revolution, that marked the beginning of the Eritrean War of Independence.
The territory of Eritrea was colonized by Italy in 1890. In 1936 Italians invaded Ethiopia and also declared it a part of their empire, calling it Italian East Africa. During World War II, when Italy was conquered by the Allies, Italian East Africa was divided and Eritrea became a British protectorate till 1951. There were many disputes about Eritrea and its future after the British would leave. The UN proposed to federate Eritrea to Ethiopia. Nine years later, Ethiopian Empire Haile Selassie annexed Eritrea.

The Eritrean Liberation Front organized a revolution on September 1 1961, that officially started the war. The Eritrean independence leader Hamid Idris Awate and his companions fired the first shots against the occupying Ethiopian Army and police.

The Eritrean War of Independence ended on May 29, 1991. The state gained full independence from Ethiopia. #diplomatssociety

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Today we join in celebration of the Independence Day in Uzbekistan 🇺🇿
The Republic of Uzbekistan, as other former Soviet countries, celebrates its Independence Day. This holiday annually falls on September 1.


Uzbekistan became a part of the Russian Empire in the 19th century, when it began to expand to Central Asia. Although the nations of the Central Asia resisted it, the countries became a part of the Soviet Union. In 1924 the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic was created with the capital in Samarkand. The capital was moved to Tashkent in 1930.

The republic had a chance to declare independence after the failure of the Soviet coup attempt in Moscow in 1991. Counties within the Soviet Union one by one started to declare their independence, authorities of Uzbekistan did it on August 31, 1991.


This event laid foundation for celebration of Independence Day. Although the country de facto gained independence in August, the celebrations are held on the next day, on September 1.

After declaration of independence the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted the state flag and a new constitution. #diplomatssociety

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Today we join in celebration of the Constitution Day in Slovakia 🇸🇰
Constitution Day is a public holiday in Slovakia.This holiday celebrates the day, when Slovakia adopted constitution in Bratislava on September 1, 1992.


Slovak Constitution was prepared very fast in 1992 on the basis of the Czechoslovak Constitution of 1920. It was passed by the Slovak National Council on September 1, 1992 and signed on September 3, 1992. It came into effect on October 1 and in some parts of Slovakia on January 1, 1993.

Constitution of Slovakia consists of the preamble and nine parts, that are divided into chapters and, subsequently, into 156 articles. Since the day of adoption, the constitution was amended five times.

One of the particular features of the Slovak Constitution is its ecological orientation. One part of the constitution is dedicated to the ecological issues in Slovakia and ecological rights of the Slovaks.


Various fairs are traditionally organized on Constitution Day in Slovakia. Everyone can buy handmade souvenirs. Music festivals and concerts are organized across the country. #diplomatssociety

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Today we join in celebration of the Victory Day in Turkey 🇹🇷
Victory Day is a public holiday in Turkey that commemorates the victory in the Battle of Dumlupınar, the last battle in the Greco-Turkish war.


Decisive Turkish victory in this battle was a critical step towards the independence of Turkey.
When the Ottoman Empire was defeated in the First World War, its territory was occupied and partitioned between the Allies. Turkish nationalists promptly began the War of Independence. The Greco-Turkish war was the Western Front of this war.

The Battle of Dumlupınar was the final and decisive battle of the Western Front. It began on August 26, 1922 near the town of Dumlupınar in Kütahya Province. The battle lasted for four days and resulted in decisive Turkish victory, which ended the Greek presence in Anatolia and eventually enabled Turkey to win the War of Independence.


Victory Day is celebrated on August 30 throughout Turkey. It is honors the Turkish military and the Republic of Turkey. The main celebration takes place at Anıtkabir (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's mausoleum) in the capital city of Ankara. Victory Day festivities include flag hoisting, official speeches, wreath-laying ceremonies, military parades. One of the most important ceremonies is held at the War Academy in Istanbul. #diplomatssociety

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Today we join in celebration of Constitution Day in Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 Constitution Day is one of the public holidays in Kazakhstan. It was established to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan on August 30, 1995.


Kazakhstan declared independence from the Soviet Union on December 16, 1991, becoming the last Soviet republic to do so. During the first years of independence, the old Constitution of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic remained in force. It was modeled after the 1977 Soviet Constitution.

The first constitution of independent Kazakhstan was adopted in 1993. It caused much debate on the authority of the legislative and executive branches of the government. The debate over the constitution did not contribute to the maintenance of political stability, so a new constitution was drafted. On August 30, 1995, the Kazakhstani constitutional referendum was held. The new constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan was approved by 90% of voters.


Constitution Day is widely celebrated throughout Kazakhstan. The festivities include official ceremonies, exhibitions, open-air concerts, outdoor fairs and festivals, sporting competitions, firework displays. The biggest celebrations are held in the capital city of Astana and in Almaty, the largest city of Kazakhstan and former capital. #diplomatssociety

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