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My first trip to Cuba was with with @residente .. and the kings Calle 13 in 2010. The show changed my life ... Gimme future out now !

The more you ignore me the closer I get

I’m no fucking baby

Dos gueros locos #wespacito

We can talk about the problems of glamorizing drugs on hip hop .. This is a conversation we need to have but for the moment let’s talk about how much this kid did in his short life it was epic.. and I don’t know how much more he could have done. We had some great music together I wish we could have made more .i hope you can hear it some day . He’s was rare, he was a dreamer, he was ambitious . I think he loved life despite his words, and he made me think about music differently . He was fearless and I feel like we all let him down in some ways but it’s important to take this moment to open our hearts we can’t let this happen again we need to take care of each other.

Get it right w/ @momomoyouth out now #givemefuture

One day my son will have Instagram and will be spending times dming Girls and fine tuning his images to get the most likes . But maybe he will find this old image of me on my phone while he plays with my hat and realize how dumb I look and how perfect he is and will throw his phone away. Happy birthday Lazer stay woke

Breakfast before battle

best video of all time at link in bio @majorlazer @busysignal_turf

He hit it tho

This is a message for everyone on my birthday

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