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DIOS_MORENO  Chiko De bars #humble Only a empty bowl can be filled .The goal is to reach your higher self. I appreciate you. Word #greatwork #bpm know your worth


Lyrics - heyyy! Dios i.m a god nigga.. here to get rid of the wicked you gon get it with th swinging of my rod nigga.. I Sen a prayer to the merciful gon off a perk or 2. In my feelings man i.m feeling real personal.

Its getin warm but im still frozen. Drown or learn to swim Lyrics -They hide behind they money they some cowards. They acting like it's sweet but moving sour. I think I need a drink need to roll me up some sour. I don't who I could trust... all I know Is I can't give up my nigga. They knocked me down and I get up see right now I DON'T GIVE A FUCK MY NIGGA. Why when I shine they throwing shade. Pop a Molly just for the stress my nigga .. They only love you in your grave. But I'll tear this down. B4 I tear up my nigga #frozen. #tellemyoublocking #why #hate #they #andyouaintnodifferent #vibratehigher som1 opion of me Is not my reality.

What it was it was for them. #thatsafact

Told the judge didn't budge it was him or me. And I ain't tryna be hard but i.m guilty as charge. Put my mercy in the streets and my faith in god and pray hard none of my sons wana be stars. #chilling

They only wana say free you or rip you #realshit

I rather die enormous than live dormant. Thats how i.m on it

Rip pops crazy thing me and my guys took a pic like this. Apple don't fall far from the tree .. Lol almost broke down 3 times writing this post. I know u always there when I need u the most

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