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#TBT more like a toss back lol @twiggmartin #whosnext #cashrules

#NOTHINGFANCY. We just making music right? Ain't no wrong way to make the music right

Get to it

Get to it

LYRICS----Rest assure I'm tryna get my message heard ,, but this music shit, be getting on my f'n nerves ,, I'm tryna make a penny for my thoughts ,,,,put me In a box pour some henny on my corps,,,, take all these drugs just to rid me of these thoughts, swrivin to the crib drunk, dizzy pissy on my porch,, giving them a vibe but they ain't vining yet..... how's this music all I got but I Ain't got it yet,,,, THEY think it's bout sighing a check..,,,nope.... I much rather a sign of respect,,,, And you probably think I'm winin im just tryna connect.. this my art every part from the heart in my chest ,,,,,,,,,,,,Its like I'm stuck up In this street shit, or my kids won't eat shit,, Sometimes I be fucked up can't keep a secret. Fighting for my dreams but it feel like I'm on defense. Here I take my sneakers off so you could put your feet In,, feel the burn baby feel the burn ,, repeat the same lessons that we didn't learn

Even In the rain β˜”οΈ you gotta keep shining like πŸŒ•πŸŒ’,, there was a lady πŸ‘΅πŸ½ siting under a tree 🌲. She called me over and she said to me ,,, "my days left here may not be long, I wouldn't waste my telling you nothing wrong , love ❀️ is a flower needs it's sun and the rain β˜”οΈ a little bit of pleasure worth a whole lot of pain." I quote the great πŸ‘πŸΎ #bettywright #nopainnogain.

I can I will I am. It's all mental. Tomorrow?? I don't know ,but today im a do all I can. #givethanks for the #energy

A loss doesn't mean the wins lost. It means you learned one more thing not to do again. I step closer to your Win. Do u

Get to it

#shakthablock @djbobbytrends #LG don't trip @inktasticlg_stb. I hope you niggas keep the same energy

Keep that same energy baiis and girls.

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