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Dion McGill  Anti-Violence Advocate, Activist, Educator, Adventurer, Pundit, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fanatic! Also sponsored by @breakpointfc www.breakpointfc.com

You mean I'm not knocked up? @amazon , you damn near wrecked a happy home. ;-)

Spending time with these lovely ladies at riot fest has become something I really look forward to. Such vibrant personalities. I love turning single-serving friends into lifers. Kudos to you ladies! #riotfest

Shit just got real, and one of you ladies is in big trouble! This is what happens when you hang out in the West Loop. #knockedup

Prophets of Rage were taking a moment, as was I. Music is surely the elixir of the soul! #riotfest #prophetsofrage

Pretty sure I listened to this song 12 times biking to work today. What magnificence!!!! #riotfest #prophetsofrage

A single serving friend commented on my work ethic the other day. I had to leave mid NIN set. When he asked why, I said " I have to work at 4:30am. He said "And you're coming back to petition tomorrow after work?" I said "Yep!" "Damn bro...you got some kind of work ethic."
I find a lot of pride in that. Woke up at 3:20am this morning, just finished work, and heading to Riot Fest to enjoy music, and Get petition signatures in supposed of SB1657 -Gun Dealer Licensing.
I found out yesterday that an old friend lost his son to gun violence Saturday. A good man raising a good man, and one bullet brings it all to an end. That's what keeps me moving, helping, trying to get in where I fit in to make a difference, and encourage others to do the same.
Trying every day to live a life that is bigger than me. Holla! #riotfest #ChicagoStandUp

LOL!!! I damn near pissed myself!

People ask me what my secret is...why I have no worries. The secret is that I'm always asking in the glow of great experiences, like going to IBJJF World Masters and shaking the hand of Xande Ribeiro. Have great experiences. #jiujitsulifestyle #shutupandtrain

I'm so lucky to have friends who are down for me when I need them...and I in turn do the same for them. Been stressed with a lot of personal stuff. Needed some unwinding. So my friend Jen let me come by and use her tub since I don't have one. Candles, bath bombs, Bath & Body Works of every imaginable flavor, and some Drum & Bass...this is bliss, and I'm thankful.

The birthday celebration continues...

Looking like unshaved s**t, but that shirt though. #proper

I told y'all the West Loop was on bulls**t.

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