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Dionne Daniels  " I AM PURPOSE WRAPPED IN A PACKAGE" #MYSOUNDHASASTORY #DDM Zephaniah 3:17 "Song Of The Lord"

We Give You All the Glory! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

This year is about your identity! Being secure in who God called you to be now. It’s a slap in the master creators (GOD) face when you don’t accept you. Someone is in need of the authentic you. What are you waiting on? No more disclaimers he didn’t put that on you when he thought of you. You are his unique design in the earth. You are #purposewrappedinapackage #gatheringhappeningsoon

So it’s my birthday Party! It’s going to be a “GRAND CELEBRATION”🎉🎉🎉🎉💚💚💚💛💛 Get your tickets payment plans available now on Eventbrite.com we are celebrating some great men and women this year.. #anighttoremember 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾👑👑

#TBT This armor has been tried. It was developed in the hard place. I doubted me quite often because I wasn’t like everyone else. And I found out I was intimidated by them, and they were unsure of themselves. So the safest place was in the place of worship to him. Days/nights just me crying out praying and singing ministering to him. And many used to say it can’t be real that you go hard like that everytime. But yes it’s why I’m still here. I have the scars, they show he kept me and commanded me to keep showing up! He’s birthing something new in me for the new place I’m going to in him. #MYSOUNDHASASTORY #Theyearofthesound #ALLTHINGSNEW

@justcliffdaniels This Sunday we’re back RICHMOND! It’s a super “Soul” Sunday! You’re invited to BE MY GUEST 💜💕

It’s been a powerful weekend! This evening is the conclusion of the whole matter. Meet us @5pm Jesus has all you need.. @justcliffdaniels

Were here Jesus is here and everything that you need is here! It’s Sunday and it’s church time. Let’s go the clarion call is for you to come.. @justcliffdaniels @therealbishopeedwardrobinson

Through the years you have taught and preached declared and it wasn’t in vain. And @jagoodingjr captured some of your great wisdom. God downloaded his wisdom and power in you to articulate to his people young and old! Sons and daughters will come to glean and be taught. Now they shall hear it for real not just with their ears but their spirits will receive.. There is people prepared hungry for what you’re cooking sir. Everything he said concerning you, you are about to see. I’m glad you stayed faithful humbled yourself to the affliction sacrificed lost but remained and didn’t charge God foolishly. When family friends were like those of job saying “Surely you must have done something” for God to do this to lose it all. Oh but for your shame you will receive double. It’s your “AFTER THIS” Happy birthday babe! @justcliffdaniels

Happy birthday @justcliffdaniels Your best is here and greater is about to be revealed! I celebrate you 💙💙🎉🎂

Well it’s my mans birthday! I must say I am super excited about your new for real. The worst is over. I watched you take the L on the strength of your covenant with God and his promise to you. Your low has now propelled you higher than you can imagine. Now you will see that his word stands over your life. You and I go together like a hand and glove ice cream and cake. No matter what I wouldn’t trade a moment with you. Your latter is really greater. It’s your year to WIN BIG! I love you forever! Happy birthday! 😍🎂🎉🏆😘😚 @justcliffdaniels

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