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Dionna Mash Garcia  Mom. Wife. Cat lady. Social manager for @chowhound| San Diego native ☀️ Bay Area resident ✌🏻️


Today was filled with lots of swimming, barbecue, and harvesting honey! Ellie is having quite the summer. 💛🌞🐝

I can't believe this was a whole year ago. Time is a thief. I feel like it was just yesterday I could go to the movies any time I wanted, eat dinner past 7 PM, get a full night's sleep, peruse target for extended periods of time, take a long drive somewhere without worrying about someone getting crabby, take a vacation that was V relaxing, etc. But here we are with a courageous, bright eyed, and bushy tailed little girl who no doubt will be something great when she grows up. She's never taken a bottle and I've also had to be dairy free for an entire year, two things I didn't even know could be possible when having a baby. So I'd say my one expert tip in all of this is don't go out and stock up on ALL the bottles and pacifiers, then take them out of their packages AND sanitize them until you know you have a kid that will actually take one. #couldntreturnanyofit Also, don't make a shit ton of freezer meals for post baby that all contained butter and cheese. #couldnteatanyofit 🤷🏻‍♀️ We love you sweet E and wouldn't trade all the conveniences above for anything. Who knew that giant growing belly of mine would give us such a light ✨✨

A couple more weeks and this girl is one! I can't wait to find out what she got me 😛// 📷: @kristindinsmore

Ellie is one lucky babe to have you @drwpuma 😘😘😘 // #happyfathersday #momtogs_dadsrule

When your bestie from culinary school has a baby. Bea you are too presh! 🐝Glad we can complain to each other now @rachel_8685 😜😜

Coming up on meeting @drwpuma 9 years ago and it feels like this was taken just yesterday. Those were the days... when we were sleeping 8+ hours, showering regularly and eating dinner after 7 pm 🤦🏻‍♀️ #kids #momlife

Right before she dove head first out of the tub like a fish out of water 🙄 #shewasdoneiguess #ishouldprobablyhavelistenedtoandrewandgottenafluffyuglybathmat #10monthsold

Our girl is a waving machine right now 👋🏻👋🏻 Adios 3 day weekend!

Our soon to be one year old has really become her own little person. 😭 #10months #elliemariemakesthree

Mother's Day 2017// Brunch ✔️mimosa✔️oversized hoodie✔️beach✔️ pushing E in the swings✔️California burrito✔️ // Mommin ain't easy. But today it was. Love you E 💕

Tonight @drwpuma and I were talking about how crazy life changing it is to have a kid. But in the most unimaginably amazing way. We have got one smart cookie on our hands, and we are so glad we get to watch her evolve into a little person. #dadsneedtobeinpicturestoo #momtogs_dadsrule

This girl, breaking hearts since 7.9.16 💕

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