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Dion Chin 

8 months ❤ with you and only you. You always been beside me since the first time i met you until today. Im happy even though distance seperated us, until we met and having so much time together. Thanks for being the best girl on my past 8 months! I love you. Lets make more memories and share our love till then!

"She use color in completely abitrary way in order to express herself powerfully" - Vincent van Gogh ❤

7 months have been passed, and now its time for us both meet. I really enjoyed the our last 8 days with you, until we took this picture in China. Thanks for the time you have been waited for. Everyone said that Long Distance Relationship is really hard, and i agree with it. But, I will keep love you and fight for you until the death tear us apart. 👊🏻!

Si sipit ini selalu support gua hihi love this girl so much !

6 month has been passed, and i miss her so much, 1 month to go 💪🏻! Hmm i felling so happy to have u and u just always make me smile all dayy ☺ we know LDR is hard but everything is just for you ! ☺ i just can't load out all my feelings but yea... ily!❤

Teman india, Teman Bulat, Kami 3 Serangkai

5 bulaannn 🤗 sama manusia ini, kadang sedih, kadang ngeselin, tapi selalu happy ! Makin cantik aja yak buuu makin hari ~ kurang"in berantemnya yaaaaa buuu hihi love you ! 😘

Request Caption dari si tersayang ☺. If lu mau apa yang gua rasain sekarang hmmm... yep im happy. I love u the way lu sekarang. Gua gak peduli lu nyusahin gua ato lu bebanin gua. Right now what i am thinking is, i just want u to be happy as well. The same happy to what i feel right now. I know kita sering salah paham karna kita jauh but yeahh.. distance is not the problem right. The important things are we love each other and just be there ☺ hihi thats all for now ! @felicianatama

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