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DINO SIMONETT  PUBLISHER Book Creator Simonett & Baer www.simonettbaer.com BOOK GALLERY SHOWROOM: simonett@simonett.com

Too hot after five seconds!

The sun is shining! Our neighbours anna and deta meet each day on this bench for a chat. Have a good day!

Family meeting, all together! Including the new E-Bike diaries by Luca Zanetti. And certainly almost all the Olgiatis, count how many they are, twenty years of making books together, from Paspels 1998 to Non-Referential Architecture 2018. Furthermore we present the two books with young and wild Iouri Podladtchikov „True Love is Hard to Find“ and „Babushka Nadia“ and all the classics like Facsimile by Francois Berthoud etc. etc. Last but not least we have some guest books on the lowest row including the Torros by Miguel Barcelo and the most sought after Peter Märkli. Voila. We ship well packed around the globe but try to make a visit in Basel, it is going to inspire you forever. #simonettbaer #dinosimonett @martina_baer @fotozanetti #valerioolgiati @iouripodladtchikov #francoisberthoud #miguelbarcelo #petermärkli #alexissaile #tildaswinton #cristinagolland #masayoshinakajo #reneburri @fondationreneburri @francoishalard #franzkafka #diemäuse

The Images of Architects Edited by Valerio Olgiati Nobody knows that we created as well this wonderful Poster, please check www.simonettbaer.com/ephemera . #valerioolgiati #theimagesofarchitects #thenamebooks #simonettbaer #dinosimonett #brunomargreth #martinabaer

The Alpacas of a nearby farmer are allowed to come into our neighbours garden. This is what I see when I watch out the window. This alpaca in particular is a special creature, it reminds me of Michael Jackson at a certain period of his life. Or maybe... nono, I don‘t believe in things like that at all! Bon Weekend! #alpaca #lebonheurestdanslepré #donath #schams #graubünden #michaeljackson

The Right Man to know. Raphael Suter head of culture from the Basler Zeitung - ein Kulturjournalist comme il faut and with the Mobilenumbers one needs to get the right feature or interview when nobody else has it. Since today he has MY mobile number! We‘re truly looking forward for a inspiring and fruitful collaborations, sali Digge. @baslerzeitung #simonettbaer @dinosimonett

Full House! We celebrated Luca Zanetti‘s Photobook E-Bike Diaries with family, friends and fans - thank you all for joining the party, soon we‘ll do it again. In case you missed it Luca signed a few books for you, please get in touch with www.simonettbaer.com and the phantastic book will come right into your house. @fotozanetti @pia.zanetti @alexkornhuber @martina_baer @jason.baumann @juanitafotografa @andreas__schwaiger @brunomargreth @annazumthor @susanna_koeberle

From #colombia with love: @fotozanetti just arrived with a huge smile on his face to sign your copy of his fabulous book #ebikediaries at #simonettbaerbasel from 6 to 8. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch, mit freundlichen Grüssen Dino Simonett, Luca Zanetti, Martina Baer und Clara Ibach (Photo). St.Alban-Vorstadt 68 (very near the new Kunstmuseum) @artcitybasel #basel4052 @martina_baer @brunomargreth @jason.baumann @juanitafotografa @pia.zanetti @alexkornhuber @andreas__schwaiger

Oops, we did it again! The photobook E-Bike Diaries by Luca Zanetti is born, we celebrate it tomorrow from 6-8 at our New Space Simonett & Baer Publishers Gallery in Basel, please come. @fotozanetti @andreas__schwaiger @alexkornhuber @pia.zanetti @juanitafotografa @jason.baumann @brunomargreth @martina_baer

Back to the Factory again. This graphic logo I used during the years with the art magazine #QUER at #atelierrotefabrik in zürich. I used to cut out black squares for the all analog graphic design of the impressum of #QUER4 and this was the rest of the paper. Suddenly I saw the abstract of the splendid place I used to work for many years at the border of the Zürichsee where I used to take an early morning swim almost every day but not in winter. @rotefabrik @zürich @zürichsee

Luca Zanetti, E-Bike Diaries Booklaunch Wednesday 16. May 2018 from 6-8 at Simonett & Baer St.Alban-Vorstadt 68 Basel Reserve your signed copy at order@simonettbaer.com 🇸🇻🇻🇪🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚵‍♀️🌤⛈🌧🌨🌥🌪🔥💥☄️🌈🌎🙏✍️ #lucazanetti #piazanetti #alexkornhuber #andreasschweiger

What do you want more than running around the walnut tree? #gondinisimonett #donath #schams #graubünden #upstatediary #lebonheurestdanslepré securtiy vest by #ikea #bonweekend😘 🔥☀️🍐🥒⚽️🛶🗿⛺️

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