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DINO SIMONETT  PUBLISHER Book Creator Simonett & Baer www.simonettbaer.com BOOK GALLERY SHOWROOM: simonett@simonett.com

Meet the stars and the deer hunters in Stallikon near Uetliberg Zürich! Long time no seen Lukas Wassmann @lukas_wassmann and his first publisher @dinosimonett @simonett_baer in conversation about his second book „W“ with his second publisher @editionpatrickfrey , wich is launched tonight @teoschifferli Erikastrasse 11 downtown Zürich. Blueee Skyyy!

Bring on the Girls, Helmie! Annual X-Mas lunch at our favourite Restaurat Mägd in Downtown Basel. From left: the one and only @martina_baer Martina Baer - my boss - then the one and only Martina Meier @bureau_mia and last but not least the one and only @juliana.furrer Juliana Furrer, I love you all, especially the one with the shades! Lunch was delicious, we kind of celebrated the completion of two book projects at @simonett_baer what a relief! And we started two new book projects, what an adventure!!

Somebody will get something very nice! Maybe its youuuuuuuuu⁉️‼️

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Wintereinbruch in the Grisons ... and then I brought the kids some snow home to Basel, voila, everybody was excited!

Hollywood Bowl, kind of. I was looking for a big bowl in Arvenholz for ages, finally I found them in the Unterengadin. The shape, the touch and the smell are irresistible! Simonett & Baer Gallery and Showroom is open today from 11-17.

A Bookbag is a bookbag is A Bookbag. Recently a lady has shown me her bag she purchased five years ago, I was amazed how beautiful they age with a marvellous patina. Happy bagowners make me happy too, all hand made, we never have reclamations... incredible. We ship the bags worldwide, but you can pick it up as well, we‘re open this friday from 14-18 and tomorrow saturday from 11-17. Or check simonettbaer.com

Oh Shreck! This is not Not Lichtenstein, it is real Lichtenstein, but eigentlich we celebrated Not Lichtenstein by Mike Bidlo at Tobias Mueller in Zürich. Our modest contribution was the artist‘s book with all the 187 original Not Lichtenstein drawings. Further we see the real Martina Meier with a real Picasso (not a Lichtenstein), then we see the one and only Peter Meyer with Martina Meier in the exhibition Not Lichtenstein, last but not least we see the celebrated artist Mike Bidlo among his friends, galerists and other art dealers in a local Bratwursthaus downtown Zürich. Voila, but this was not all about Not Lichtenstein! #mikebidlo #roylichtenstein #pablopicasso

A Great Book! Francois Halard Polaroids. It brings me into a good mood when I look at it, what do we want more? You find the last copys at simonettbaer.com @francoishalard @indiahicksstyle

The Best is Yet to Come! The Next Santa, the one and only Mr. Thomas Spielmann from Davos and Dreispitz Basel with his Hong Kong Bag, thank you for coming and inspiring me! Posters in the rear from the golden age of Edition Dino Simonett, please check simonettbaer.com „Thomas, can I post your photo on instagram?“ „Isch mer gliich!“ (I don‘t mind!)

The Red Carpet is in the window, Open House today from 13-18, maybe we roll the carpet out, maybe not, depending if the pope is coming or Roger. In case we don‘t roll it out, we‘ll make red carpet bookbags out it, good idea, isn‘t it? #simonettbaer #basel4052 #hongkong @pf25.culturalprojects

Santa came early this year! Monsieur Didier from UPS brought me a huge packet, I wonder myself what‘s in it? The real Shangri-La, I tell you later - maybe. @ups Best courrier corporate design, please come again! Open House at Simonett & Baer this coming Sunday from 13-18 St.Alban-Vorstadt 68 Basel, 300 Meters off Kunsmuseum, see you!

Honey Bunny! Available from now on the most delicious mountain Honey from the Grisons, Demeter quality, limited amount, new designed packageing. Please send us an e-mail at: info@simonettbaer.com, we ship it worldwide, first come first serve. Mutter gib Deinem Kind Honig! Photo making of: Juliana Furrer and Martina Baer

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