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DINO SIMONETT  PUBLISHER Book Creator Simonett & Baer www.simonettbaer.com BOOK GALLERY SHOWROOM: simonett@simonett.com

Solid Gold! Our new signs at Basel headquarters. „The aim today is still for customers to have all their senses stimulated. It‘s part of living an experience; a conversation starter. I believe that is even more important today than it was 27 years ago. Young people come in and don‘t look at their phones - instead they sit and chat. I see them. It‘s incredible. It might be in Basel and this is slow shopping. Come and buy a book and have a seat while you pay. Including foot massage!“ Simonett & Baer is open by appointment. www.simonettbaer.com

T for TILDA! Every time when I see a T like this it reminds me of Tilda and how she told me how amused she was when she found out that the T they taped on the floor of a filmset was a stand-in sign, sometimes for her and then she imagined that it stands for Tilda. Voila! #tildaswinton #sorrytomakeyouthrowup book at simonett@simonett.com in case you really want and need it!

How about a swim? Kind of end of season or not yet?! It‘s one of the most amazing things to jump into the nearby fountain, maybe I should do it all year long? Never sick again? Hommage to Mr.Kneipp!We‘ll see, but I‘m not a hero...

Poor Alberto! What happend to his finger? - Et maintenant on fume un peu. Photo from the excellent book „Mit Alberto Giacometti - Ein Tagebuch“ by Isaku Yanaihara, published by Piet Meyer Verlag Vienna. #albertogiacometti #isakuyanaihara #pietmeyerverlag

The Wild Bunch. Appropriated art books with covers by Alexis Saile, books with tuned covers by me, rare typo brochures, prints, normal books and some jolly ephemera: This is our modest September exhibition at the book gallery, open by appointment, please send your requests to simonett@simonett.com #alexissaile #dinosimonettbookgallery #dinosimonett #dinosimonettbookbag St.Alban-Vorstadt 68, 4052 Basel, Switzerland.

Happy Birthday my own private Obi Wan Kenobi Gondini Battista Simonett! The wonderboy is six years old today and we celebrate this! The VIP Party with his friends is tomorrow afternoon, well designed, curated and hosted by his mother, the one and only Martina Barbara Baer! #gondinisimonett @martina_baer

Seastian, Regine, Babette, ca.1975; from the book Susi + Ueli Berger, Möbel im Dialogue / Furniture in Dialog, edited by Mirjam Fischer and Anna Niederhäusern, published by Scheidegger & Spiess. Best picture in the book! #susiundueliberger #mirjamfischer #annaniederhauser #scheideggerspiess

A Good Place To Go, A Good Man To Know! Tobias Müller Modern Art Zürich, three minutes... no two minutes from Kronenhalle. We‘re looking foward to further exhibitions, projects and everything else what may come with it! @muellermodern @swiftobi #dinosimonett #simonettbaer #yveskleinblue kind of close to it, at least! @21_21_design_sight check my toote!

It‘s all about a swing now and then! The swing at our Verlag and Gallery is ready for you, St.Alban-Vorstadt 68 in Basel 4052. For opening hours please check www.simonettbaer.com Don‘t ring if you don‘t swing! Martina Baer - the one and only trophy wife - enjoys the swing even in wicked moments and that is what it is all about! @martina_baer #simonettbaer #dinosimonett #basel4052

Strange visitor today! Luca Zanetti presented me his book Colombia on the Brink of Paradise, but why with the face mask of a austrian wild boar Wildschwein? God only knows, but nice surprise! The excellent book will be launched this Thursday Donnerstag at Never Stop Reading in Zürich, I try to come! @fotozanetti @noraneverstop #dinosimonett #simonettbaer

Une trouvaille! Alberto Giacometti had a crush on Meret Oppenheim, at least it seems like. „Comment va tu? Je te cherche et je te telephone depuis 1000 ans. Je serais ce soir a 9 heures au Select. Tu viendra? A. Giacometti“ Kind of a very early sms. Has she answered? Or was she occupied by Leonor Fini? Poor Alberto! #albertogiacometti #meretoppenheim #leonorfini #cafeselect #paris from the book Meret Oppenheim by #scheideggerspiess verlag.

Brush up your Olgiati collection! I had to clean the bookshelf, it was too full! Now I present it as a small inbetween act in our Book Gallery in Basel. One or two or three publications are missing, some are just prototypes and ephemera, but all beautiful, all inspiring, all Olgiati! Olgiatitis! Open in August by appointment only. simonett@simonett.com #valerioolgiati #rudolfolgiati #olgiati #simonett #simonettbaer #dinosimonett

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