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garry lin  140lb computer scientist that doesn't even lift.

290 for 8s....fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Low bar #squat feeling πŸ‘Œ
275 for 8s. Hit the safety pin on last rep lol

Trying out low bar #squat at the new Good Life

Finally some bench gains!
235x1 (+10lb pr + πŸ‘)

Chatime PR

New gym new me.
Jk, just training with @d3yuu

Last set of 245x4x8

Was a week behind on my program so I did 4 days worth of main lifts in one session lol 😡. Surprisingly didn't feel too bad and ended up adding a pause on my bench 😱

Skwat 320, didlift 390, binch 200 dubbles for everything.

First powerlifting meet.
Started off horribly by missing my opener for squat.. literally missed it cuz I was too busy stuffing my face at cora's πŸ˜‹. I wasn't even in my singlet when they called me LOL.
But ended off better with a deadlift PR so can't be too mad. Fun experience and cool meeting so many strong ppl. Overall, good times were had. Thanks to friends and family for coming out and supporting!
S: 147.5kg
B: 97.5kg
D: 190kg

Ha, April fools! It was a +25lb PR
345lb #squat
Thnx to @barbellsandguitarstrings for handling me

Woohoo! 330lb #squat (+10lb PR)

Call me Mr. 305 aka Mr. Worldwide aka Mr. Cheatingdepth

Week 4 Day 2 of #candito #squat program.
305 for 5 sets of triples. Should have done more sets but I goofed and read the programming wrong 😌

As much as I love doing 5x5, I think I should switch it up.. Any suggestions for programs?

265x5x5 #squats

Thanks @jeff993 for the πŸ“·

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