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garry lin  140lb computer scientist that doesn't even lift.

New bar knurling = so much drag against my legs.. went up hella slow & also RIP my thumbs.

Squats from a couple weeks back.. I remember these feeling like absolute πŸ’©

Lmfao I'm so glad I couldn't hear you during this set @barbellsandguitarstrings

Did 390 and even tho form was πŸ’© I was just happy I got it done.. then I realized I was actually supposed to do 395.. πŸ˜‘ #icantread


I'm a cheater now 🀷
385 for a double with a weird pause on the 2nd
#sumo #deadlift

Knees caving 🀷
305 for 6's.

2018 & still no calves.

Sleeves a make her dance πŸ’ƒ

New knee sleeves = PRs

Super slow but happy considering I haven't squatted more than 3 plates in over 6 months.

Thanks @godvin10 for the spot 😘

290 for 8s....fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Low bar #squat feeling πŸ‘Œ
275 for 8s. Hit the safety pin on last rep lol

Trying out low bar #squat at the new Good Life

Finally some bench gains!
235x1 (+10lb pr + πŸ‘)

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