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Isaac Frankel  Traveler. Writer. Current pictures are from the 7 months I spent living out of my car on the road in 2016. Check out my other insta @builds_worlds

Blue skies, positive vibes, and big rocks to climb. 伐

If youve seen it once, youve seen it a thousand times. Happy 1001st. #elcapitan #yosemitenationalpark #yosemite

New Instagram account!
- - -
For years, people have asked me why I dont post pictures of myself to Instagram. To me this app is a tool to showcasenot myselfbut the way I see the world. My photos are here to let you see through my eyes, to peak out the window from the inside.
But Ive decided its time to let people look from the outside in. Many who know me personally know that I have a rich imagination, one that takes up most of the space in my head. For years Ive been not just an avid world explorer, but also a world builder; whether its through writing, illustration, or encyclopedic projects that may seem silly to most. For my entire life I have been in the practice of creating and transcribing visions of places long gone, places yet to be, and even the surreal borderland worlds of the mind.
While my original intention was to get through my road trip photos and then take my account in a new direction, I see now that both are equally deserving of their own home. So now my creative visions can be found @builds_worlds. I even posted a few priceless throwbacks, just to commemorate the occasion! Go hit that Follow button and join me for the other half of my crazy journey!

Worship existence.

#tbt to solo hiking Half Dome Trail. Yosemite was the perfect way to cap off my 7-month road trip. Heres to majesty, and being alone in the woods.

Forms of nature.

Taking some time back in the desert for my sanity. Theres a stillness that the dry canyons and open air brings to your soul that cant be found anywhere else. Craving campfires and kindred spirits. Please apply.

Naked tree, clothed tree.

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