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Isaac Frankel  Traveler. Writer. Worldbuilder. Seattle-based. Current pictures are from the 7 months I spent living out of my car on the road in 2016.


In 3 days I will be heading to Israel for the first time. One of the biggest benefits of traveling to new places is meeting new people, exposing yourself to new ideas and lifestyles. Nowhere was that more apparent to me than Slab City. The residents prove defiantly to the world that it's possible to be 100% yourself--including all your quirks and craziness, all the things about you that don't blend well in an ordered, "lawful" society--yet still live peacefully with others and with good intentions in your heart.
Here, Caribe [sp?] poses in front of his makeshift yard shortly after inviting me and @zobug91 in to discuss the gold-fringed American flags displayed in courthouses throughout the US, explaining to us that the Constitution has been abandoned and that "admiralty law" is still in effect. As always, be sure to do your own reading on the subject, as I did upon returning home. But never will I forget Caribe's huge smile and deep booming Spanish voice, as well as all the other residents of this wonderful place. If you visit, don't just take pictures... talk to people!

Bow before your gods. #church

As you all know, last year I quit my life for seven months and hopped on the road to travel and do some soul-searching. The thing is, I also happened to bring my GoPro with me and keep it recording most of the time. I'm excited to finally bring that footage to you, highlighting all the people, places, and things that I encountered during my solo road trip from May 2016 until shortly after US elections. If you're interested, check the link in my bio!

Happy Easter. Kill your television. #slabcity #eastjesus #killyourtelevision #installationart

The entire piece, for full effect. #slabcity #slabcityart #slabcityelephant #creepy #scary #ominous #art

This towering monstrosity--made entirely from tires and other car scraps--has got to be one of the most ominous art installments I've ever seen. It just has a presence to it that commands one's attention, both in person and in photographs. #slabcity #slabcityelephant #slabcityart #creepy #scary #ominous #art

Charlie of the First Church of the Chocolate Martini #slabcity #makegoodthing #dobigfun #getmorelaid #riseandinfect ('rise & infect' I take to mean 'spread good vibes')

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