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ElleDee  Passion for cooking, Wholesome and Healthy.🍄🍆🌶️ I cook by instinct and imagination I love sharing fun and creative ideas! L.A. based🌴🌴

I feel so fortunate to have spent the most epic Purim with the warmest and most wonderful people in my life!!
May we always celebrate holidays and happy occasions together and in good health!!

This new approach to the traditional potato salad adds a bright look and lots of fresh flavor that'll totally surprise and tickle your taste buds.

Taking an age old recipe and rejuvenating it, making it a dish fit for the classiest tables is right up my alley!

For this recipe I boiled potatoes
in salted water, when done I drained the water, then added:
•Green olives (Spanish olives are best)
•Black olives(not pictured but awesome)
•Diced red peppers
•Diced spring onions
•Chopped celery leaves
•Diced celery
•Chopped parsley
•With a sprinkling of dried dill for garnish.
To the Mayo mixture, add grainy mustard and garlic powder

Enjoy the fabulous flavors!!!

An all inclusive one pot kind of dinner, with piping hot comfort food, almost seem obligatory.
It's filling, comforting and oh so healing!!
All you'll really want is to keep going back for "just one more bowl" 🍜♨️🍜
Stay warm and stay well!!
When making your chunky veggie minestrone soup, replace the tomato sauce with marinara sauce instead.
A nice splash of harissa is a delicious addition too.
Veal, turkey, or meat balls makes the soup a complete and hardy meal.
Bon appetit 👌

It was so much fun working on the "Dinner Hour" article, with the best team @familytable_mishpacha magazine.
Get in on the fun and pick up your copy today!! #mishpacha #familytable #dinnerhour #dinner

All we really want on a frigid day, is a piping hot and healing Bowl of Chicken Soup.
So rich, robust, and bursting with flavor.,♨️
To bring your chicken soup to the next level of deliciousness,, (aside from all the veggie you normally use), add all or some of the ingredients listed below.
You will be amazed at the depth of flavor and excellent results!!
Stay warm and stay well!❤️
Crushed garlic
A seeded jalapeno
Bay leaves
(Tomato and bell pepper are a delicious addition as well).

Would you like to know how to make these scrumptious and pretty chocolate treat?
Well, you'll be amazed at how super simple they are to assemble.
Treat your family and friends to this choclaty goodness, and everyone will thank you!!!
Spread roasted almond slivers on your baking sheet
Break an orange flavoured choclate bar into pieces and scattered them on top of the nuts.
Bake for a few minutes until the chocolate has melted.
Remove from oven and spread hot choclate with a spatula until smooth.
Spinkle your favorite toppings, place into freezer until hardens.
Break into haphazard pieces and serve.
Oh ya!!

Fresh, wholesome, and healthy. Certainly a great break from all the heavy holiday foods we've been binging on!
A sauteed red pepper, onion and caper dish, spead over salmon fillets and then baked, makes for the most flavourful meal ever.
Dinner is now served!
Onion pepper dish:
2 onions diced
1 red pepper diced
1tsp sea salt
2tbs capers
Saute diced onion in olive oil
until translucent.
Add the diced pepper and cook until softens.
Add the salt and capers,
Cook together for another minute.

Season the fish with sea salt,
garlic powder, ground pepper and a paprika.
Spoon the pepper mixture evenly on each piece.
Sprinkle some panko crumbs just for a bit of crunch, then drizzle olive oil over the fillets.

Place in oven at 400° and bake for about 15 minutes or until done.

Another really fun and versatile party favorite.
Something for everyone, charcuterie board!!

Every party needs a nice fresh veggie platter, to balance out all the other (heavier) party food options.
My guests especially enjoyed the chunky sun-dried tomato chummus that complimented the veggies beautifully.(swipes right).
For this spin on a great tasting chummus, try adding a few oil packed sun-dried tomatoes, some garlic cloves, olive oil, salt and a dash of Italian seasoning, when blending your chick peas.
Mmmmmmm, the results are phenomenal!!!!!

Wishing you a holiday filled with light, love, harmony and friendship.
From our family to yours, Happy Chanukah ❤️❤️❤️

"Everything in it, Italian Wedding Soup"
Best part is having a complete meal right there in one bowl!
Filling wholesome comfort food,
perfect for a nippy frigid day.
Your family will have the pot emptied in no time at all!! °°°°°°°
Chuncky veggies
Your fave beans
Macaroni and meatballs
All in a tomatoe sauce base

Quinoa topped with sauteed chickpea, creates the most delectable and healthy dish!!
Here's how to make it......
Sauté crushed garlic in hot olive oil until fragrant.
Add beans, sea salt, hot pepper flakes and cumin.
Cook a few minutes until bubbly and well incorporated.
Serve alone or on top of any grain dish.
May be eaten hot or cold.
Bon Appetite ;))

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