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Thank you Myanmar. I will return. This pic is of me being guided by reindeer spirit after discovering @gordonpatrickpeters was in Yangon the first night I arrived. His friend owns a taco truck and we piled into the back. The truck couldn't handle the back fan and lights so we chose the fan, being driven around in the dark.. I will also mention, we.. (being 5 adult sized humans and the reindeer shown here) had a case of beer, a bottle of whiskey a ukulele and all the ingredients to bust out tacos n burritos. After being crooned by ukulele in the semi-dark (phones have light!) and no idea where we were, we finally reached our destination.. Outside the French school we parked. They were having a regular event French Love Friday where there were a bunch of police. The officer in command told us to move along and we couldn't park. My boss has always told me 'no' means 'know' so I applied this wisdom and traded parking space for tacos. I guess the word spread Yangon had a taco truck. I doubt the police knew what tacos were bc they seriously looked perplexed when we offered them meat n cheese wrapped thingies but they did send a huge truck of more cops..Reindeer spirit wanted to connect. Myanmar has been epic! Thank you!! #throwback #yangon #frenchlovefriday #myanmar

Drinking tea in the 9th - 12th century pagodas and blissing out with Buddha in Bagan. 🌱 Ancient Oolong
💦 92%
#bagan #myanmar #tjmusings #teadrunkpagodahigh #tea

Thailand has been stellar. The motorbike trip from Chiang Mai to Pai is epic! Pai is a sweet town filled w a bunch of shanti woo woos on their eat prey love journey. I fit right in and overloaded on coconut kefir n kombucha! Building bamboo huts and drinking tea w Thai farmers was completely unexpected... but expected.

💦 Wild tea qi ancient phoenix
🎵 Tal del Verwirrung 🌱 Pretty much want to use tea as the platform to get as many humans as possible away from the daily grind and dancing w mama earth, sink into human connection, disconnect from headspace n into heartspace, take u portal hopping and get u to take off ur shoes so u can rub the webs between ur twinkle toes into dirt or dip em in water. In Asia for the next 3 months w Thailand, Cambodia, HK and Indonesia on the list. #tea #teadrunk #tjmusings #thailand

In taking action, you should be as fluid as water and clouds. When you are quiet, you should be as still as mountain and stone. When you smile, you should be like a flower in bloom... Dissolve into nothingness when you sip tea - JT Hunter #tea #tjmusings #oolong #thelawsoftao

On a side swivel... in 2 days, I relocate to Pattaya to help with build and setup for Wonderfruit Festival. Particularly excited to be assisting w the bell tent chillout zones and one of the stages called "Back to the Breast" - I'm building boobs! There will be tea and I have 200 googly eyes to help activate your third eye. #freethenipple

An infinitesimal fraction of a second is an entire lifetime to an atomic particle, just as our lifetime is a split second in the life cycles of the earth, and the earth's life is a split second in the life of stars and galaxies - R. LAWLOR
💦: jiaogulan + fresh ginger 👃: @citizensoftheworld Gaia candle. Thanks @meghanloneragan 💖
#tea #teadrunk #tjmusings #teaware #gongfu #royelprojectstea #ithinkijustlikethewordinfinitesimal

The Royal Project of Thailand was founded to solve deforestation, poverty and opium production by promoting alternative crops in Thailand. One of these crops is "Jiaogulan," a Chinese tea otherwise known as "immortality herb." In China, the largest percentage of centenarian inhabitants live in the mountainous area where jiaogulan is regularly drunk! There are over 5,660 scientific studies to prove the longevity benefits of this tea. It has a slight bitter 😝 and sweet taste.. I like to pop in slices of ginger with my jiaogulan. It's my new fave herbal tea.. Anti-cancer, like the female version of the male ginseng, it's a freaking energy booooosterrr and detoxes the immune system. #tea #tjmusings #teadrunk #chiangmai #teaspirit

Drinking oolong listening to El Bujo sending ripples through the earth and weaving human experience with the living universe #tea #oolong #gongfu #medicinetribe #chiangmai #teadrunk

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG (n only) BROTHER @frezmoo. I'm reminded of us as lil kids climbing that frangipani tree in the backyard until mum would call us in for dinner. What a great natsukashi moment. You know tree trunks grow by adding concentric rings of new wood. We are like this. I love seeing you year on year add to the expansion of your being.. Whether it be climbing with more agility, drinking more swiftly or getting funnier as work gets more intense. Those seeds you planted way back at birth are sprouting and your tree trunk is getting sturdier, wiser and more interconnected with your roots but It is so rad to see your successive circles expand out there in the vast expansiveness circle outside circle. Keep doing Fresness xx Dins #birthday #siblings #fruitcarving

Who would have thought at thirty2 I’d be learning how to be a woman from men. To give permission for my feminine to spread her wings while linear masculine chills in the outhouse for a while. Thank you men in this waking moment we call life, in particular my partner Lep Lop for subtly inviting me to dive into my womb and listen to my voice, challenge me to to immerse myself fully into my sacred feminine, to be vulnerable and know it’s ok and where I need to be for gentleness and fierce grace to emerge.

I’m still galaxies aways from reaching the highest feminine power of butterfly radiance but the subtle invitation between the feminine within me and this external physical life is ripening, blossoming from its bud and you, dear men in my life are sweeping me from my chrysalis allowing me to explore, express and experience a deeper feminine Dins.

#tea #gongfu #ancienttea #tjmusings #bali #ubud #love #life

Tree pluckings fluttering through vesica pisces. The ancient Phoenix fermented puerh tea I'm drinking is from an 800+ year old ancient certified organic tree (when did nature have to be certified?!) on a sustainable tea plantation handpicked by nanna Yang of the Yi tribe in Yunnan. Tea is soaking in the wisdom of Salish Sea carvings by Orcas Phi-slander Aleph. Go say hi and bring him coconuts and tunes to carve to. #tea #puerh #bali #gongfu #canggu #wuliangmountain #organic

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