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Dillon Incantalupo  NYC Parks Forester🌲🌿 I am large, I contain multitudes 🌙

In honor of your departure for the Peace Corps, here is the best picture I've ever taken. I'm sad to see you go, jealous you get to leave this circus and humbled to be your friend. Besides, what's 27 months and 7,419 miles between brothers.

Today is the 11th anniversary of us rescuing you, but instead of celebrating, I had to say goodbye. Thanks for being the best pup a kid could have ever asked for. Love you, good boy ❤️

If anyone challenged my use of this slide, I had my parks ID ready. #perks #manchild

How many hipster things can you find in this picture?
📸: @whatscohenon

Cycadelic (Hort friends, please forgive me for this pun).

Now this is a meadow.

"Hey look that guy has the same ears as you"
📸: @heykassss

@brianjsutton was super stoked on that spider web

Just chillin' in a tree with my buds
📸: @bonecutterr

Hidden gems

What's the story, Morning Glory?

@grahambeech crushed this self-portrait of me. He even remembered that I always carry around 3 arrows and an olive branch. That's dedication to the client!