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Daisy Tricks  What's so great about being normal? From New Orleans! Multimedia artist. My other IG account: @allsoulsbookclub Member: graveyard_dead aj_graveyards

Journey through the French Quarter today. Caught some of the Saints game; loved the shot of kitchen workers watching the game as they wandered in and out. I bought Daisy the two-headed demon doll her parents were reluctant to buy her. Hey, it's NOLA, and Grammy said Yes! 16,000+ steps today.

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My protest sign for this week. To me it says almost Halloween in New Orleans, and we be votin' in three weeks, y'all!
#halloween #ravens #protestsign #neworleansprotest #fucktrump

What an excellent book! I'm amazed at his recall of details from his service many years ago. Even if he kept a journal I'm still impressed. Very readable, lots of insight to budding US national security and surveillance tactics. I'm 1/3 of the way through and can't stop reading. Published in 2018. I expect reports on the Trump administration as the book progresses.

#factsandfears #jamesrclapper #clapper #treybrown

#granniesrespondnola protest in front of the ICE office in New Orleans.

Have never seen this before. Instead of stopping st the designated disability seating this lady dragged her seater to the middle of the streetcar, made everyone step over her chair. The looks... #streetcarnono #dontdothis

Readable, Stormy tells her story her way. I read the chapter about her encounter with Trump while I was on the streetcar. It was so revolting I was gagging not to puke, horrified at the thought of enduring Trump with his small hands and weird pecker. That chapter is not for those with a weak stomach. More power to you, Stormy.
#stormydaniels #fucktrump #fulldisclosure

I just started Fear. Finished Ken Starr's book Contempt. A really interesting read with lots of explanations about the independent counsel, and who did what with regards to the Clintons' involvement in Whitewater, Lewinsky, and impeachment evidence. And for some reason the Goodyear blimp was circling New Orleans yesterday.
#fear #bobwoodward #contempt #kenstarr #goodyearblimp

I volunteered at Louisiana Books 2 Prison. Am amazing group of people who sent out books each week to prisoners who write with requests. They had some very funky posters and stickers hanging around.
#lab2p #labooks2prisoners #bradpittsucks #fucktrump

House fire 13 or 1400 Frenchmen. #frenchmenstreetfire #housefire

Scored at the library! Time's Convert for a week, so first read. I finished Ronan Farrow's book this weekend. It was deep, but so perfectly written. Compelling reading. The two books on America - still trying to figure out how we got in the mess we're in today. I read so many books I decided to post. Let me know if you've read, your thoughts.
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