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Today I wouldn't shut up (=told 3 people) about the majesty of the big billowy clouds over LA. These were royal clouds. Perfect ones. They made me so happy! So fun to watch, very dynamic. Anyway this is not a pic of those beautiful beautiful clouds but those clouds are why I got off the bus a stop early to walk somewhere I'd never been before. Hope that's cool!

Sharing a little peek into my world ☺️

You see, the key to the "reverse dollop" is the Boomerang app. #curd #dollop #reversedollop

Life really did hand me these and I will let you guess what I'm about to do with them

Said goodbye to an old friend today. #ripshophouse

Dang. I forgot it was St. Patrick's Day and I accidentally wore green. Green just is my favorite color. I know nothing of Irish life.

The Instagram police held a gun to my head and made me post this

Ocean rippling, gulls flying, dolphins jumping. The uncommon Sunday, helping with the common Monday. (Not pictured: whale tails and darling companions @juliannakuhn/@admcampb) #vibes

One must live authentically

They nailed it in one take!

The minion sighed as he gazed at the impressive (if a bit overdone) show of #ValentinesDay affection adjacent to his cubicle. He did his best to remember that it wasn't so much that he felt lonely, or bitter, or sad, but rather choosing to feel hopeful that next year could be different.

Hey, sorry I haven't posted any #content in a while. Here's a section of the Berlin Wall that lives outside the building where I work now. It's the second place where I've worked to have a piece of the Berlin Wall on display. Nice reminder that freedom of expression is good. Walls, not always so good.

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