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A memoir 🙋🏼‍♀️.... constantly reminding myself to cut it out! This is your friendly reminder to cut it out too! 😘

Just deliver an orphaned baby monkey to me and my life will be complete (for real). ❤️ Do you guys follow @monkeys_of_world and watch their amazing adorable monkey videos on repeat like me?🐒. Ps. Make sure you watch the whole video!! 💕 My ❤️ melts... Follow them for a happier life 🙊 #monkey #obsessed

I’m lying, it started last night! Get the goods while you can! Brands like @herbivorebotanicals skincare @lovelybird_ hats #joshrosebrook haircare and much more at prices literally less than cost! This sale won’t last long so shop now! Use code “surprise50” at checkout at www.LivvTv.com NOW! 💕 Happy shopping! #lifestyledelivered

There are so many layers to yesterday’s tragedy. The precious lives taken too soon is the obvious, but what people tend to overlook are those left behind. Yesterday’s shooting will continue to affect those students teachers and families for years if not forever. PTSD is REAL and it is crippling. Simple tasks like driving to the grocery store are no longer simple. Sleepless nights become the norm. • To imagine these students who have their entire lives ahead of them having to overcome this is unimaginable. How many careers will be altered? How many relationships and life milestones will be affected? • It is very important that loved ones of those dealing with any level of PSTD are not only understanding but assist them in getting the help they need. • PTSD comes in all shapes and sizes. A divorce or any sudden life change can even trigger symptoms. Most common is to witness or be a part of any traumatic event. If you or someone you love is suffering please get help. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, remember that. • Some helpful treatments are EMDR therapy, acupuncture and specific mediTATIONS. I’ve also heard hypnosis can work. • Sending a tremendous amount of Love and prayers to all involved in yesterday’s shooting and all of you who are brave enough to face and overcome your specific tragedy. ❤️

Happy Valentines Day!!! Here’s a puppy in tighty whities to make your day ❤️ (via @bluenjy)

Amen 🙏 ❤️(@amberlylagomotivation)

Weekend plans 👋

22 years ago just a kid myself, I found myself about to give birth to my first and what would be my only (human) child. I was freaking out. Every question was racing through my mind. Can I handle this? What kind of mother will I be? Will she have 10 fingers and ten toes? Am I going to poop on this delivery table???? 😬😷 As it turns out I handled it, she had all her fingers and toes (would have loved her anyway) I did NOT poop on the delivery table 🙌 and I must have been a pretty good mom cause I raised the exact human I had hoped to bring into this world. Compassionate, smart, witty, kind...other than that peeing with the door open thing she makes me so proud to be her mama. Everyone please wish @bohochicken a Happy Happy Birthday🎈✨💕🐞🎉


One of my favorite photos of me and my Gracie girl. 💕I see a little bit of myself in all my animals. I know that sounds funny but I really do. 🐾 Gracie is so zen, until you eff with her, she’ll snap at you if she feels threatened and DO NOT try to wake her up too early. 😕 She doesn’t like loud noise or chaos and will often times spend hours just hiding from the world in her little pen. She loves being in the arms of someone who loves her and as you can see, she loves a good sunset. ❤️ #adoptdontshop

And I have the bellyache to prove it. Lord please make it stop 🙏🍕

#nofilter (she got it from her mama 😇😏) I CAN’T believe how many people didn’t get the sarcasm 😂

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