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Dim Wit 

👴Tomorrow Night 👴Tijuana 👴At Moustache 👴 9PM 👴

🎛Tomorrow Night🎛Homecoming show in Daygo🎛8PM🎛DM fo addy 🎛Wizard Woes DJ🎛

✨Tomorrow Night!💧Oakland!✨All Ages!💧8PM!✨

🐐Tomorrow Night 🐐 Eugene @ The Wandering Goat 🐐 7PM 🐐

🐎Olympia Tomorrow Night!🐎The Hobbit Hole🐎8PM🐎

👁 See you tomorrow Seattle 👁 9PM 👁 Dm fo addy 👁

👁See ya at our Tour/Star Club Residency Kickoff Show?! 👁 Look at all these bands! 👁 In Person! 👁

🌞Today!🌞Many Bands🌞Starts at noon🌞Donations for @pearmentor🌞DM fo dat addy🌞

💚Dimmy💙Goes❤️West💛Coasting!💗Art by Brianna Miller!💜

✨Had the honor and pleasure to chat with @rosie_posie_puddin_pie_ on her podcast!✨Link in Bio.

🔶Tonight @ 7pm 🔵Helmet House 🔶All Ages 🔴Unfortunately we won't be playing but @tailorsrooom (Being Awone) is playing instead! 🔵$5 for the touring band comin in from Vancouver(BC) 🔶

🌺Tomorrow Night 🌺New(ish) Space 🌺An All Ager Rager 🌺1125 SE Grand 🌺Gay at 8 🌺Trust me, you don't want to miss them 🌺

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