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Dimity Edwards  Laptop lifestyler 💻 Freedom is my life anthem 🌍 Vision caster ✨ • On a mission to create the largest self love + transformation project EVER! ⬇️

The cheeky look
I give the past 22 years
of my epic life!
As I step into my 23rd
spin around the sun.
I was reflecting back on my wild adventurous life so far
and I couldn't help but
just beam with a giant smile.
Not bragging,
just appreciating that I live
by my word (always!) I have never felt more freedom in
my body,
my mind,
my soul
and my bank account.
You all know that FREEDOM
is my life anthem
and this gypsy soul is only at the beginning of her story.
OH MAN! does it fire me up. •
Thank you for all the heart felt birthday wishes! You will all never know how much you genuinely mean to me in your uniquely beautiful ways ❤ xo Dim
📸 - @robandrhialove

Bring on chasing snowflakes for the week ❄️🏂💎 #inmyelement

Girlfriends that are changing the world together ✨🙌🏽 •
It honestly just keeps getting better and better!


And just like that T-minus 4 days until I am off again on my 2nd all expenses paid trip to the USA 🇺🇸 in the last 6 months! #pinchme

I remember I used to lay awake when I was younger, just dreaming of how I could one day possibly live a meaningful life full of endless travel and global impact. •

I now pinch myself that I have found the vehicle that allows me now to do both. •

Both trips were won based on how many people my entire team helped and how many people continue to transform their health and life over a long period of time. I am so excited that 6 of my best girls (& my mum!) who also won this trip are coming along to grow with me in Nashville! 💎 •
Everyday I think about how grateful that someone was kind enough to share this nutrition system & profession with me, and I didn’t let my inner ego reject the possibility of me living into my childhood dream. •

I can not wait to continue celebrating the team in the months to follow as they too have the opportunity to live their own versions of freedom and win their own all expense paid trips to places like Noosa, Fiji and Switzerland all because they too say a big FAT YES to learning to live a more extraordinary with impact as the number 1 rule 🙏✨ ! •

If you are someone who would like to take control of your life and not set by restrictions, deadlines, time constraints or maybe you simply just like winning free holidays, then just maybe you might be interested in joining on this journey with me and the rest of the crew! We can journey together, always! •


When your dad makes the jokingly (but probably serious) comment of “I’m going to start putting your room up for rent Dim....” •

because you are off again on another free, 4 nights exclusive leadership training trip that you have won for helping people with their health, leadership & wealth goals ... 😍😍😍

All I can honestly say with this giant smile on my face (& over kill packing) is that I am TOTALLY proud to be aligned with the right company, in the right profession living into even a bigger vision then I could have ever imagined 🙌🏽👩🏼‍💻 •


Ps. I so divinely am looking to work with 5 beautiful women over the next 3 months who are open to this same freedom, friendship & fun! If this sounds like you, comment below & let’s chat xo

The ‘other’ side of my travels that most people probably will never see. •

The hours I still spend daily to continue the growth of my phenomenal global team. ✨

I haven’t taken for granted one single second that I get to travel so often because of the profession of Network Marketing. It honestly gets me so fired up! •

The thing is though, network marketing really IS the business of the 21st century. As long as there is a connection to wifi + my phone/laptop then I truly do have everything I need at my finger tips to continue to grow my business from anywhere in the world. •

I so deeply love to travel (DAH!) but what I am just (if not more) passionate about, is showing others how they can travel more often, live without the financial or health struggle & link arms together to enjoy more choices in their life. 🙌🏽🤙🏽

I am so grateful that I have found a business model that allows me to live my life by design. •

I am grateful for technology. •

I am grateful for the leaders in my tribe who are constantly wanting to grow along with me. 💜🙏 •
Network marketing really isn’t for everyone (& I totally get that!) but for this millennial who has the biggest passion for changing people’s health and bank accounts, it absolutely is.

If your anything like me, the feeling of adventure and freedom makes your soul scream with excitement more for than anything else. 🌎✨ I’ve never understood the concept of “still” when there is still so much to see in do in this world.
Life for me is truly about experiences. And with each new experience, growing into a new dimension of epicness.
Sitting “safe”, recoiling into the comfort zone is never going to serve you.
It’s not your true calling.
We humans are life explorers,
adventure seekers
and moment collectors.
The more we grow as individuals, the better impact you can have on the wider world.
Do Monday like you do Friday.
Travel more.
Say YES more.
Seek opportunities to live boldly.
Smile often.
Laugh extremely loud.
And when you get the offer to ride on the back of a Scotsman’s motorbike, never ever say no out of fear.

You have great advantage when you see the world in a different way from the crowd. 👌🏼 •
One stoked AF mountain lovin’ girl right here! How does it get any better than this? •

Ps. Do yourself a favour and add the Scottish West Coast to your travel budget list ✔️

Just a wee gal that loves a big glass of red & following her gypsy soul. 💎🤙🏽 #thefreedomlifestyle

You’ve got to stop feeling sorry for yourself. About anything. Ever. •
Well maybe give yourself like 5 mins if you must and then pleeeaasse move on. 🙌🏽

The ‘Poor me’ story doesn’t serve you.
It doesn’t serve any purpose.
It especially doesn’t serve any of your relationships.
And It certainly doesn’t serve your big vision for the world. •

By finding a way to stop this pattern, Learning to say no. Learn to ask for help. Learn to reframe your perspective.
Everything will begin to shift. 💁🏽‍♀️

Because swimming in self pity never helped anyone. Believe more in yourself than your fears. ✨ #rewriteyourstory

It’s unpredictable.
It’s exciting.
It leads us on wild new adventures.
The journey to the destination,
often more thrilling than the arrival.
It’s the people.
It’s the sights.
It’s the divine soul nourishing food.
A collection of wonder.
With a mixed range of emotion,
always swirling our hearts into a new paradigm.
It’s the laughter.
It’s the tears.
It’s the goodbyes of people who have impacted your life for a moment of time.
Oh what an adventure.
How divinely lucky are we to live in a time so accessible to so much play
And fun. ✨🌍 #thegypsysoul

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