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Dimitri Carabas  Composer, lover of chocolate croissants, synthusiast, and motivational speaker for a pantsless life.

Getting ready for Synthtastic Sunday tomorrow. #beethoven #whisky #lagavulin16 #statue

Checkin out Halsey Shmalsey tonight. This cool cat is releasing an ep. Follow her at Halsey Harkins music on band camp and Facebook.

Apparently everyone had a skylight in ancient Cordoba.

One more adventure. Train to Cordoba is at 7. Train to Valencia is at 8:30. Hotel informed this morning that I had to leave by 11. Where do I go for 8 hours? This village has nothing. Google maps shows a ancient city of ruins in between Almodovar and Cordoba. Hired a taxi and explored the ruins with my driver.


Tell Olena to wait for me! She may be 200 years old but I remember her when she used to wear jumpsuits and work with a guy named Steed. I'll be your Steed. Also, they were lying about Highgarden being high.

One more adventure before Valencia. I am embarrassingly sweaty right now.

What did Varys say again at the end of season 6 while lurking behind a doorway? Lady Olena asked, "What is my hearts desire?" He walks out like a creepy Jedi and says, "Sugar and spice, and all things nice." I'm pretty sure that's how it happened.

The shapes!

I hear Dorne is beautiful this time of year.

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