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Michelle Cleary, LCSW  Michelle, a licensed psychotherapist in NYC specializes in, but is not limited to treating, trauma, eating disorders, and adolescent's struggles.

This woman.... needs to be watched.
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Just Enough.

Everything you are and everything you do.

YOU are just enough.

I am so excited to get to share this documentary with all of you and everyone at tonight's premiere.

This is a powerful reminder to show up, say YES (or NO depending on your rebel mood!) and let your light continue to SHINE through! •
And if you want to be a part of this amazing challenge and community showing up for themselves and each other there is still time to join the 21-day Video Challenge!

Link in bio for more details. Sign up through Friday 1/19! #shineyourlight #exploreyourvoice #showupforyourself #showupforyourlife #ladyboss #21dagvideochallenge #signup #linkinbio #yourtimeisnow #lovethelifeyoulive #womensempowerment #yearoftheunicorn #youareabadass #shine #dreamer #justenough

1 and 2 are of the the final #sunset of #2017 3 and 4 are of the first #sunrise in #2018
Looking forward to this next trip around the #sun.

This just makes me happy... #snow #tree #brooklyn #walkingthedog

Walking home last night at 11:45pm. It was quiet and cold and peaceful and I couldn’t help but be amazed at where we sometimes land in life... #warmmemories #grateful #christmas #snowflakes #decorate

#God places the most #blissful things on the other side of terror” ~ Will Smith
I get scared but I do it anyway... it’s always been worth it in the end! #fear #brave #climb #rockscramble

#goodmorning #sunrise #brooklyn #tree #gratitude s

So glad I caught this... it was gone in just a minute or two.

#Climb trees. It's good for you. Enjoy the present... #smile #laugh #applepicking

As a #trauma therapist, I can confidently say @Daniellelaporte 's words cannot be more true... her advice and guided steps are biologically and #psychologically #healing. Although this message was sent to her team and followers I pass it on as it is sound and knowledgeable guidance for all who have been and will be touched by #traumatic events. When we say sending #prayers, here is a beautiful way to do so... ❤️ #Repost @daniellelaporte (@get_repost)
One of our beloved team members was at the concert in Las Vegas last night. She fled from gunfire with her friends. It was a close call. We are in the waves of emotion, sadness, and thankfulness that she is alive. Below is my email to Team D this morning. I'm inviting everyone to join in the healing.: 💛 Sweet Team,

This is prayer rally time. Today we all need to light candles. One for [her], one for EVERYONE involved in the situation. Take at least four+ minutes to stream very very gentle white light to [her] whole being. Stream it from your heart. Hold her nervous system in your healing energy. Pray for the trauma energy to stay fluid, not stuck. Use words like: gentle, loving, healing, grace, deeply held, safe, caring, and more healing healing. Send healing every time you hear about this, you think of [her] and the situation, or you look at that candle throughout the day.
Just like being physically impacted, the sooner you get healing to the system, the quicker the whole system heals. Immediate attention mitigates the long-term damage.
This is a close call and it's every kind of right and appropriate to weep. Feel the impact, feel our hurting team-family member. Let it all be felt. And see clear and stay bright in love and life. This is the Light of Light Workers. The Light will always win over dark.  People will heal, we all get stronger and more able to work for justice, and elevating humanity, and healing, and Love.
There is tremendous sickness swirling on the planet. So much pain to meet. We will meet it together, with our SANITY, our Faith, our love for life and each other.
Go pray and do the energy work. I'm going to have another good cry, a hot shower and do the same.
Fierce Love,
Danielle 💛

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Just like water streaming down a window pane whose path is jagged and irregular because of unseen obstacles, ones' emotional path related to the tragic events of September 11, 2001 may also seem jagged or irregular. Feelings of grief, anger, disbelief, isolation, disorientation, and sadness may come and go in an apparently random pattern.

And some may wonder why after 14 years these feelings are worse instead of better.
The effects of trauma, especially mass trauma such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, can be hard to understand or predict and can be escalated by other life situations. Firefighters who have since retired may be feeling an increase in depression, feelings of "life disorientation", and guilt as their role in the firehouse has changed. There is more time to think about the events and lost friends without the responsibilities associated with being "on the job". Parents whose children were too young to remember that day may feel frustrated or angry when their 13 year old can't understand the annual early September morning struggle. Feelings of deep regret may resurface as time insensitively marches on and details of loved ones are very unintentionally forgotten. A friend may be guilt ridden when they acknowledge that they just can't make it to another memorial. Anger may set in when less flags are flying or when interacting with a person who has seemingly "forgotten". Feelings may increase or decrease, pop up in unexpected places, or go suddenly numb and detach.

It is so important to keep in mind that while time certainly does heal, it doesn't always heal in a straight line.

So, be gentle and forgiving with yourselves, support your family, be sensitive to your neighbors, reach out to your friends, and be a little extra kind to your fellow commuters ... because 14 years doesn't necessarily mean the hurt is all gone.

With Much Love,
Michelle Cleary, LCSW

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