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Dillon Precision  The world's finest reloading equipment.


We all know somebody that really needs to see this video (if it's you don't feel bad, you can still enjoy it) so tag them or share this with them.  Remember, friends don't let friends use store bought ammo.

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Having a Blue Christmas can be the very best if you have it with Dillon Precision.  Even if you, or the reloader on you shopping list, already has the World's Finest Reloading Machine maybe they need that RF100 Primer Tube Filler that they would never buy for themselves or an upgrade from their balance beam to an electronic scale.  Whatever your reloading needs we've got you covered at Dillon Precision.  Just click the link in our profile or go to dillonprecision.com for more.

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Colder weather and earlier sunsets make for smokey shots. The range lights can make even a mildly smokey load seem even more smokey. This shooter is wearing a headlight which sort of lit up the smoke right in front of his face. #teamdillonprecision #dillonprecision

Tag a friend or family member who needs help finishing off their Christmas shopping list.  Or give us a call at 800-223-4570 to order your Dillon Precision 2018 Calendars and Gift Cards today.
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It may be December 1st but 2018 is upon us and the January 2018 Blue Press is headed towards a mailbox near you. If you don't want to wait you can read The Blue Press online, just follow the link in our profile, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Read the Blue Press" for the current issue along with archives of our past issues.

The Blue Press is more than "just" a catalog. Each month we pack The Blue Press with articles about guns, shooting, and even the occasional bit about reloading.

If you have signed up, have waited a few months (because it can take that long), and STILL haven't gotten The Blue Press, just give us a call at 800-223-4570 and we'll help you figure out WHY you haven't gotten your copy. You can also write to us at sales@dillonprecision.com.

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Order processing has returned to normal and all orders that were backed up have shipped. If you have any questions regarding your order status feel free to call us at 800-223-4570.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Need stocking stuffers for that hard to buy for firearms enthusiast? These fidget spinners from J. Dewey Mfg. serve double duty as stress relievers and gun cleaning rods! They'll feel relaxed and their guns will be sparkling clean, what more could any shooter want?
Follow the link in our profile and then search for "Dewey" to find the right product for you. You might even find a lot more than you expected while you're there.

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Due to a networking issue with one of our service providers orders placed online have been delayed.  The problem has been resolved and orders should ship within 2 business days.  We will ship orders in the order they were received as quickly as we can process them.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Having your favorite powder change, go out of production, or just get hard to find is a hassle that we all, as reloaders, have to deal with but did you know that different lot numbers can mean changes too?  Sometimes there is little to no change, sometimes it is "more". How much more can vary.  Especially if you load to max, or near max, levels you might want to consider dropping back a few tenths when you change powder lots and look for changes in pressure.  You can always work back up to your favorite load just like you, hopefully, did the first time.

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Especially if you shoot revolvers you MUST have Federal primers.  Things are getting better as far as sourcing most reloading components but Federal Small Pistol Primers are still pretty elusive.  Even some who shoot striker fired guns with good trigger jobs prefer the Federal primers.  Rumor has it that Fiocchi small pistol primers are also pretty soft.  We'll be testing that soon!

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Whether you are new to reloading or a seasoned pro at the bench Dillon Precision is the go to manufacturer for every serious reloader.  Need 1000's of rounds per month for your competition shooting games?  What about the perfect round for your favorite deer rifle?  Whatever your need, whatever your experience level, Dillon Precision is the right choice.  Choose Blue and open your eyes to what reloading can really be. (Those people in that old movie had the pill colors all wrong so we thought we should set things straight ;) #teamdillonprecision #dillonprecision #dillonaero #bluepress #dillonoptics #reloadingnation

Mak 90 coated in dust, picked up while shooting the Red Oktober AK match in southern Utah, followed by the clean MAK 90. The match had a lot of non-shooting challenges but crawling under a table and a Cooper Tunnel to get to a very low port contributed most of the dirt on/in the gun. #teamdillonprecision #dillonprecision

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