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When you decide to protest all these snowflakes coming in and disrupting your way of life by invading a small town and marching through the night with fucking torches. Right. Got it.

A flexi of The Pledge Of Allegiance. Read by Red Skelton. Released by Burger King. This came out decades ago, foreshadowing the shit out of today.

Dude. Just look at that fucking thing.

@rochambo got the touch.

95/96? We had to use two different Fat Boys records to make this flyer. V.Reverses set was one of the best ever at the DEA. This night drew a crazy amount of punks claiming they had no cash so we made them pay in beer. At the end of the night we gave V.Reverse a handful of cash and a garbage bag full of beer. Show biz.

This show was so great. Guessing '97? This was the night Charley put a cig out in my eye, midsong. Show biz.

Can't remember who sent this to us. But they know us, man. They KNOW us.

So we split an episode of @leftfordamian's excellent podcast Turned Out A Punk with The Lawrence Arms the other week. If you're in the mood to hear Damian tongue 'Raygun's butthole for like 3 hours, you've hit the jackpot. Just playin'. D's a Bhopal Stiffsman. Respect. Find the episode at Spotify, iTunes and other avenues I'd probably know about if I wasn't so busy having sex and setting shit on fire. #houseofvans #toap #deadsteelmill #lanehasonefoot

Photo by @jaycerobertsimages Man, Saturday was just absolutely perfect! Thanks again to MURF, Edge Break, Royal Brat, Color TV, Neighborhood Brats, Vacation and The Dopamines. Everybody just absolutely destroyed. And everyone would like to especially thank all of you for packing out the show. It's not lost on us how amazing it is to see how many of you guys travel in for this. It really means a lot to us. Thanks so much! See ya next time.

Honestly, the first couple of times I saw Vacation I couldn't even tell what they sounded like. They were SO loud. SO distorted. But with a distinct catchiness fighting it's way out. I loved it. I bought and proceeded to play out a cassette which says a lot because I think cassettes mostly suck. Since then they've released a handful of lp's and several 7"s. Every single one a headshot. On occasion I've bought copies of their records for excellent people just because I felt that was something they deserved for being excellent. Looking forward to seeing them disgrace the Triple Rock stage again this Saturday. Here's a photo the Cgull took a few years ago of Even and I partying on the floor of the Medusa in MPLS.
There are still D4th of July tickets available at triplerocksocialclub.com.

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