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D I L L I N G E R F O U R .  !!! D4th Of July 2018 !!! SATURDAY JUNE 30th w/BORIS THE SPRINKLER - OFF WITH THEIR HEADS- MURF - SPEEDWEED!! Advance tix available @ eventbrite.com

The band that’s played more D4th Of July’s than any other. Technically, maybe even more than us. Kinda from Brooklyn, NY, kinda from Gurnee, Il, kinda from Dominos pizza, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS will be joining us again this year! Ticket link in the bio. (Photo by @adamdegross)

Circa ‘03? The first time we really met The Arrivals.

ticket link in da bio fool

Advance tickets are up now at eventbrite.com! You wanna move quickly, don’t make Norb’s nipple bunny cry. 😢💥🗿🗿🎉🇺🇸™️🐇🐇

Clear some room to razzle dazzle.

It’s been 11 years since we last played Riot Fest! Can’t wait to play this year and see if it’s changed at all.
Tickets are ON SALE NOW! You can buy them here: https://ticketf.ly/2GWPIKF

With everything and everyone we saw this weekend I’m a little embarrassed to admit the only photo I ended up with is this one of Bill Beltone taking a squirt so long I almost called an ambulance. Thanks to everybody that came out! We had a blast. See ya soon.

Hi, Las Vegas.

There is no plane that can contain us. @delta @punkrockbowling

Packed this one away soaking wet after a show around 2001 I think and thought I’d ruined it forever. @twintownguitars has made it better than it ever was. It hasn’t been on a stage for over 15 years can’t wait to break it out at @punkrockbowling tomorrow!

-!!! D4th Of July 2018 !!!- Saturday, June 30th! This year the shenanigans are moving over to Grumpys Downtown. We were gonna do it at White Castle but Billy said no cuz he hates Star Wars. Advanced tix available at eventbrite.com.

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