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D I L L I N G E R F O U R .  Music is none of our business.


Our man @rochambo came through with a handful of these posters for the show tonight in Chicago. Numbered and signed, they'll be at our merchandising department. #houseofvans #rochambostudios #davestraightspenis

Gonna roll up on Lawrence Arms tonight all "damn, dudes, how you gonna stab Andy Warhol and then hit em with a mallet? HE'S ALREADY DEAD"?! It's just mean. #houseofvans #lawrencearms #toysthatkill #barneymillerspants #sippingscotchontheskokieswift

Hey Chicago! Let's come together like the shittiest Voltron.

Today we played with The Templars, Pup, The Explosion, Charles Bradley, The Specials, Guida and Sick Of It All and this is the only photo we have. Show business. Thanks to everybody involved with Punk Rock Bowling. Today was awesome!

First person to tell me this random stranger on our plane's favorite color gets you and a guest in free to the show tonight in Brooklyn. No joke. You have 2 hours and 8 minutes to nail it.

Look at this asshole? Baloney mustache? Bootleg Ramones shirt? And the Ramones were still active?! Fuck this dude. Human garbage.

Goddamn. Last night was so great! Thanks to the entire staff at Memory Lanes for treating us so well. And the entire stage crew as well! Thanks to everybody who braved the weather. None of us could believe how many of you all there were! It really means a lot. Now we're gonna lick our wounds by eating ,like, 30 lbs of pork cuz we don't need your society's fuckin rules, man.

TONIGHT! D4 at Memory Lanes! Got a couple of messages from folks asking about this being sold out? Definitely not. It IS only $5, but it's being held in the parking lot, which is huge. See ya there, dingdongs.

$5?! Gonna kill Sunday shotgunning beers in a bowling alley parking lot. Rip your pants off and whip em at THE Birthday Suits, they love that shit. Again; 5 bux!

July 1st. The 14th or 15th ANNUAL D4th of JULY!! Once again we brought together a menagerie of our favorite bands to celebrate this sacred land where oversized cargo shorts, "eyebrows" and ill-advised fedoras walk hand in hand to complain to the manager. Tickets go on sale this Friday at noon @ triplerocksocialclub.com. Come. Taste the rainbow.

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