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Blase Dillingham  📉📈🍕🔫⛵️🏂

Just made this mini cleaver from a blank Lulu already hammered out at the @the_lost_bison_forge good time chillin in the shop today. Stoked on this thing.

Tahoe vibes

These are the last four books I have read. If you read a lot I highly suggest you check them out. They will change the way you see the world.

Really gonna miss you two. It was a truly amazing spiritual retreat @anakarinalanuza @theashleymorgan

Smashing icebergs with my cousin from Nashville @martindillingham epic trip cuz. Definitely need to do it again.

When cabin fever kicks in

Yesterday. If there was ever a time and place to be somewhere it's this year in Lake Tahoe. I have been calling it vacationland. Moving up here was kind of impulsive. But Sometimes in life you have to take the path less traveled. Or for that matter the path not traveled at all. no path. Just go. Don't listen to anyone. In fact do the opposite of what people tell you. It takes balls. But the reward is huge.

Was so stoked to have my sis up for last few days. Biggest storm of the last 10 years and all time most snow in jan at heavenly. Good timing. Good times.

So we find out Danishwhisky is actually Russian. Then this happened. #hogsback #tahoe2017 #gooseegg #bratva @new_breed_designs

Nothing to see here folks. Go back to sleep. Everything's closed.



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