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Dila Hadju | @tumbuhijaurban  mom • wife • nature admirer • consultant • facilitator • balanced enthusiast ❤ alhamdulillah #growingupgreen #leafplus #tumbuhijaurban


Why are we laughing, again?
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OG #1996

Was complaining about the horrible traffic, and then I saw this family of 5. Dad's pulling the heavy ass waste cart like its just another regular day, mom's helping out pushing from the back whilst holding her new born, and the two kids on top trying to make the best of their situation blowing bubbles and smiling like all's right with the world. Made me feel like I should just shut up and enjoy being in my air conditioned car with my son safely in his car seat 😯🙏 #amatterofperspective #bersyukur

What an experience. First time traveling just the two of us (although we were more than welcomed by friends ready to assist, but still) without bapak. Like everything else, challenging but equally (or perhaps arguably more) rewarding. To more travels ahead buddy budi ❤ #budiabdulkadirputra #motherandsontravels


Crazy how social media works these days, like reconnecting friends from elementary school 20 years later half a world away. A million thank yous for coming through miles!! #90s

Chaos can be a good thing when shared with the right people at the right place at the right time ❤

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If Budi could talk, he'd probably say "Whatchu mean 2's terrible? Starting out terrific so far. Shoutout to my pops and his band. You can't understand me yet, but I am grateful, you can see it in my face. And anyways I have my mom to translate for me. So thank you" 🙌

#budiabdulkadirputra #terrifictwos
#inibapakbudi #ranforyourlife
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