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Jared  Drop. Drag. Destroy. Rebuild. @jjeessyy ❤️🚀. OEM+ V50 T5 - One Step at a Time Taurus - RIP

You’re the warmest, most loving person I’ve ever met. You’ve supported me at every turn. You’ve given me advice when I couldn’t figure things out. You’re always wanting to learn and try more. You push me. But together we’ve grown. Together we continue to grow. Where we stand now makes me happier than I can express. I always look forward to our life together continuing to grow and I can’t wait for the next steps we take in life. I can do anything with you by my side. I love you, Jessica. Happy Valentine’s Day. >cosmos ❤️🚀🌌

I really need to get a downpipe made and ceramic coated for this thing. #frontendfriday

This was fun, but wildly impractical. Working on some other things for comfort and fun, for now. Side note - I managed to take a few good photos of this myself.

I miss daily driving this car. It was certainly a commitment, but seeing it skate along, dig up grass, throw sparks and do 400+ miles each week - it really was such a fun car and I owe everything I’ve learned about automotive work to this car. Maybe someday I’ll have another, only the second time around perhaps I’ll do even more with all I’ve learned.

I’ve fought with tape, salt, sand and rust. I live in Connecticut and it’s always gonna snow. I drive the same car year-round. I’ve been thinking about these covers for a while so I figured it’s time to just do it and give em a shot.


“Winter Setup”...

Tuesday’s coming, did you bring your coat?

I want an ignorant winter setup again. I drove on my summer tires today and it made me glad to know I own a set of snows to change over to. So here’s when I stretched snow tires on the Taurus.

This car has changed a few times already since I’ve owned it, temporary setups have become longer term styling, plans have changed, repairs and maintenance have become opportunities to make improvements and upgrades, and my overall vision for this car has become much more well defined and clear. I’m excited to get more hands on and involved with it as the winter sets in and get back into what started my passion for this culture - audio - it’s a piece that’s been missing since the Taurus.

Home Depot means trailer day.

Trapezoid cold start.

I really fucking miss this car.

Big tail lights.

When you don't feel like parking next to anyone.

This car has come quite far since I bought it. I'm very excited for what's to come. I'm glad it was together for Staggered; always a great time.

Copped one of the fastest cars in the world to make the drive to Salem. #carforhire

It's Monday, meh. Side note, I'm much happier with spacers and shorter springs. #mehmonday

Forever my copilot, forever my rock, forever my womancrush, forever my soulmate. ❤️🚀🌌

Sometimes, less is more.

The city looked like a painting this morning - happy clouds.

Let's get this done.

Got to see the birthday boy @josh_508 last night despite getting the boot from the parking lot - I'd pick Sonic any night anyways. Thanks for the awesome shot buddy!

Welcome to Ft. Lauderdale Airport, where everyone around you has a dog.

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