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DigiTech Electronics  We make effect pedals, Band Creators, Multi-FX, Vocal Harmonizers, Loopers and the legendary Whammy. For Support eMail: support@digitech.com

My final post. Over 20 years ago I worked my way up from the DigiTech/DOD assembly line to DOD Marketing. One of my first jobs in my new position was to be part of the team to revamp the graphics of the entire DOD line. This wasn't the first revamped pedal, but it was the first one that I really wanted. I've kept it ever since. Please follow me on my personal Instagram page: @tomvonkramm and I'll continue showing off some long lost treasures.

I've posted a pic of this before, this was Jason Lamb's test guitar. The engineer who inherited it just gave it to me. I promise I'll take care of it. #dig_it

Relic of a little known error, the first run of DOD FX100's had a typo "Intergrated Tube." The first run was very small, so if you find one it is rare as hen's teeth. #dig_it

Prototype of a DOD Signature Designer collaboration that didn't end up working out. #dig_it

Limited Edition Texas Twister iStomp signed by David Holt. This is an Artist Edition ePedal that got shelved when the iStomp got discontinued. #dig_it

As I clean out my stuff I keep finding little treasures. This is what the Mosaic was originally going to be called until we ran into trademark issues. Far better name IYAM, but legal is legal! #dig_it

Latest score, this thing is in incredible condition! #dig_it

R.I.P. Glenn Branca

The Final Version of StompShop for the iStomp is now available on the Apple App Store.

We are seeing one or two minor display issues depending upon iOS versions, but there it is.


Some online conversations inspired me to bust out my personal DOD Performer Series collection. Of note is the 545 in the upper right hand corner, it is NIB and unplayed. I got it at an employee auction years ago. #dig_it

This is a cool pin! @gearpins #glissbliss #whammy #dig_it

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