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Matt  -K-5 SpEd Teacher (13yrs) -Project Based Learning -Left-handed

“Threw snowballs at elderly people” -You learn something new about your mother-in-law everyday.

Just throwin’ this idea out there.

...I knew it would come to this. 🐻[image from @monsterwranglermike - who just gets me]

There are students, many students, in your classroom who do not come from what society would consider a [typical] family and children are not always exposed to families that are different from their own early on in life (especially families with significantly different cultures). They are waiting to see that their family is valid and that their family is normal and that their family is just that...a family.
•Talk about different types of families (but remember: school & classroom communities aren’t families)
•Post a picture of your family
•Read books that provide new perspectives on families
•Make your classroom a SAFE SPACE for ALL families
Can talking about families be difficult for some students, yes! But not talking about families, isn’t the answer. Students have a story that should be validated. Obviously, figure out what works for your students and be culturally sensitive and aware. But find ways to expose children to ALL families. 💜💓

I’ve given the instructions once...they should know. Teachers these days are so disrespectful. They won’t put their phones down and always complain. We should just suspend them.

I’m reading 1491 and the visual companion Before Columbus. Any other suggestions?

The angst of old men is the key ingredient to true student learning.

The kids know.

Back to school has meant that graphic novels are being read every single day in my room. I’ve been working on finding more GNs that represent the global majority (characters, illustrators, authors). #representationmatters My kids have taken notice- when one saw Witch Boy- he said, “boys can’t be witches. They have to be wizards.” Thus- he learned about nonconformity...and he told me he loved the book.

17 years later. The longer we move away from 20001, the less we realize how much we’re still impacted by it today. Take time and talk with your students or own children.

Imagine if we held ourselves to the same standards we hold 7,8,&9 year olds.

It’s not much- but I’ll take it.

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