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#repost @inkologyart Love this illustration

Watching the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies with the boys

Who you got? I’m rolling with Philly!

My beautiful wife!

Time to get some things together...see yal in a week... #offline

Happy New Year!

My Fav 5: Apps @canva
This is hands down my favorite go to app for creating memes and thumbnails. It provides many free and paid templates to choose from for many platforms such as @instagram @facebook @twitter @youtube @pinterest with a variety of fonts and background pictures. You can quickly and creatively make virtually anything you want.

My Fav 5: Following #repost
This one goes to @dadultlife It has been pleasure watching him go through the stages of being a first time dad. Many of those moments he shared were comical while others were special and sentimental. So I was able to relive those moments as I followed along. Thanks for sharing 👊🏾

My Fav 5: Comedy
@spiceadams is one of the funniest people on social media. Good clean comedy that you can watch in front of your kids. My favorite bits are the barbershop skits and Cream Biggems (with his long wind up jump shot—that joint when he was shooting in the snow 😃😆😂🤣☠️). He also has funny skits that relate to being a dad. Looking forward to seeing more funny stuff in the future.

My Fav 5: Inspiration
Again another easy choice. @garyvee gives it to you raw and real as I ever seen but the two things that inspired me the is when he said “Just Start” and when he shared his earliest video. Perfection is sometimes really a cover for insecurity and that hit home and got me off my *ss. When you work hard and are willing to adjust, you eventually find the sweet spot. So I’m on this journey and am having a blast. man... 👊🏾

My Fav 5: Book. This is an easy choice. @schmittastic Vlog Like A Boss is a MUST have if you are serious about vlogging. Amy brings it with clarity, conciseness, and honesty. I recommend getting a notebook bc there’s so much you’ll want to capture, revisit, and develop while reading. Also please follow her especially on YouTube where she gives so many other practical tips (this is where I first encountered her). It also helps that she’s equally hilarious as she is knowledgeable. Oh and a book review is still on the radar (in case you couldn’t tell I really like the book 😉)

Stay tuned for me Fav 5’s for 2017

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