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Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle ❤  Digby and Alo - Griffons from Wellington, New Zealand. Email: Digby@DigbyVanWinkle.com

Stripes are in this season. #stripesareineveryseason

When bae eats the last snack without asking if you wanted it first. #iwantedit #snacks

Peanut butter got me like 😛

When you live in the Southern Hemisphere but you basic so you wear Halloween sweaters in April. #fall #autumn #basic

Pandas: proof that you can eat only salad and still be fat.

When you haven’t been to a disco since the 70s and you try your old clothes on “just for a laugh.”

When you know that nature’s pretty, but you’re prettier.

Alo’s face when he still thinks he can charm his way out of a bath. 😂

When you’re having a hard time choosing between Netflix and naps so you end up falling asleep while watching Netflix.

When you eat by shoving your face in a bowl so you have to get your beard washed. #beardproblems

When you’re an adventure dog but you still want to look cute in your selfies.

“Sorry, kids, but sundays are for sleep ins.” - the Easter bunny

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