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Danielle DeGroot - 📍Chicago  Mindfulness•Bod•Adventure💫 •Holistic Dietitian 🌿 Yoga Teach •Dog-mom | rabid #Cubs fan •City girl. Country soul. #MarriedatFirstSight S5

Travel bug got me again so booked a trip. Luckily, these two are just as psycho as me so we’ll be seeing ya in a few weeks, Iceland! 🙋🏻‍♀️✈️

Technically, we’ve been talking about this trip all year, buuuttt it’s so much more fun when you put it off and then pull the trigger last minute, right? 😅 Just like to keep myself on my toes. 👀 It’s all good.. adventure is good for the soul.

Send all the Iceland recommendations, plz&thx (obvi Blue Lagoon & Northern Lights). 🙏🏽 #icelandbound #icelandtravel #takemoreadventures #rideordies

Fall agenda: coffee, puppy snuggles & Halloween movies wrapped in my @love_comfitude weighted blanket. 🐶🎃☕️ #cozyAF

I slept so much better with this thang draped over me. The puppers love it, too.. clearly. 🙃 If you wanna snag one for yourself so you can be as cozy as us, use code: DANIELLE for 15% off your order now thru September 30th! #comfitude #fallfeels #riseandsnuggle Also, can we take a moment to acknowledge the major side eye Dude has goin on? 😂👀

Rise and burrrrn baby! 🔥💪🏽

Who’s getting their sweat on this morning?? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m a big fan of stepping outside of my comfort zone, so I got up early last week and skipped my usual yoga/spin routine to do a badass workout at @burnbootcamp with the owner @devan.kline and his awesome wife @morgan.a.kline as my workout buddy. Try keepin’ up with these two and, trust me... you will FEEL the burn. 😅

I couldn’t wait to check out a @burnbootcamp location bc they’re designed to set up an empowering environment for women to feel comfortable reaching their fitness goals. 👏🏽 But fitness without nutrition is always incomplete, so I chatted with Devan on his podcast about some of my nutrition tips... can’t wait to share with y’all soon! 😊 #trainingtuesday #tuesdaytransformation #burnbootcamp #thismyshit @burnbootcampwestmont

Current to-do’s. ✔️
___Monday morning reminder of what’s really important. Mostly more nights under the stars... 💫 #mondaymotivation #raiseyourvibration

Welp.. ‘bout time for the Sunday Scaries, AMIRITE? 🙃 Scare away the scaries with this article I contributed to for @yogajournal giving the Top 10 yoga poses to kick the Sunday Night Blues (link below & in bio). 🧘🏻‍♀️👊🏽 I’m the #2 pose to get ya calm and on your way to relaxation. 😴 Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! ☺️ #sundayscaries #restorativeyoga #supinetwist

My parents are obnoxiously cute. Their wedding anniversary (33yrs this year) and both of their birthdays are within two weeks of each other (mom’s was Weds & pops is today 🎉). Had so much fun celebrating with them last night and taking them out in my hood. 🤗🎈❤️#relationshipgoals #hbd #virgoseason

I heard tell of a woman out there with tight blue jeans and long black hair.. 🌃 #fridayfeeling #highwayqueen #carbsandwine #mostlycarbs #carbcoma #goodnight 🇮🇹

FlashBACK Friday. 😏 Lollaing at @lollapalooza with the perfect fest mini backpack. 🎶

Another #amazingfind from @amazinggoodwill_ 👏🏽 Fest season is kind of winding down here in Chicago, and I’m a little bummed about it, but fall... I’m so ready for ya! #amazinggoodwill #onlyatgoodwill #FBF #lollapalooza2018 #thrifting

Take me out to the ball game. ⚾️

@cubs did not win today, but damn.. it was a beautiful night at the friendly confines. 🐻💙 #gocubsgo #everybodyin #heychicagowhatdoyousay

“Life is an echo. What you send out- comes back. What you sow- you reap. What you give- you get. What you see in others- exists in you.” 👁

I just love this quote. As we honor the memory of those lost on this day 17 years ago, let’s remember to be a little less judgemental and a lot more compassionate, gentle and loving. 🖤🇺🇸 #tuesdaythoughts #september11

Happy Birthday to the friend that I can count on to spontaneously do some arguably questionable shit with... She likes to act like I’m the bad influence, but I think #summerofsheila proved that theory has some holes and I couldn’t be more proud. 😂😜 But jokes aside, this video really captures the essence of our friendship. 🌭 Happy you came into my life a couple of years back @happyfromwithin (even though it feels longer) and to have ya as a PIC. 😘❤️🎈 #HBD #happygonewild #wevebeendrinking #birthdaygram #gocubs

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