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Good morning ☀️ You probably didn’t notice my sneaky little break, but this is my first post in about 6 weeks! Hi! How have you been? And what have I been up to? Started full time work at the university ✅ moved house ✅ closed my private practice ✅ and lots of hanging withy fam bam trying to get back into routine after so many changes! This was the first weekend I had time to play in the kitchen: breakfast cookies (recipe from @raisinggenerationnourished), home made muesli, full cream milk and apple slices served in the middle of the table for the kids to help themselves this morning. Messy ✅ Fun✅ Building skills ✅ Satisfying ✅

🍷My cup is full.. of wine.. but also lots of inspiration from a brilliant workshop by Fi/ @themindfuldietitian today (thank you!). I was feeling a bit star struck to meet someone so influential on my path as a dietitian (I was ready to pack up and leave before I had to write another weight-loss meal plan😖) So if you’re keen for some mindful non-diet badassery please visit her account.
I picked this card from my new set of mindful eating cards. In a previous life I would have deemed today’s dinner⬅️ “not nutritious/balanced enough”... I wasn’t hungry for dinner with the kids after a big lunch but wanted something to nibble on a bit later with my wine 😋wedges and dips were enjoyed without a side of guilt 🙌🏼 #allfoodsfit #nondietapproach #mindfuleating

🥦#30daysofdinners (a few days late)🙊 Last Thursday’s deconstructed tuna pasta with creamed spinach sauce and yesterday’s green curry 🍛 And that’s 30 dinners posted, phew 😅 I think if I was to post any more consecutive days there’d be some meals coming on repeat. Today we had vegetarian taco again 🤷🏼‍♀️ we love it! I’m setting myself a new challenge of trying one new recipe a week from my huge lineup of recipe books (that I rarely open because I just tend to throw things together)! I’m keen to try some new flavour combos and cooking methods 👩🏻‍🍳

👻 The ghost of Christmas past 😆 A bit of leftover Christmas ham 🎅(found a leg of ham in the freezer, probably chucked it there because I couldn’t stand the thought of eating it😂) It made for an easy dinner of make-your-own-sandwich after roasting it in a yummy rub👍🏼 for day 29 of #30daysofdinners.

🐌 Afternoon snack time😋 A gluten free version of the Aussie classic of cheese and vegemite scrolls using a super easy yoghurt dough from @nourishinglolaandsage. Judging by the fact that the four of us polished off all 12 scrolls I’d say they were a hit 😁 (ps regular vegemite has gluten, there are several gf options in store or you can make your own) 👌🏼

🌮Deconstructed veggie nachos👧🏼👦🏼 The kids aren’t too keen on layered nachos with melted cheese (nuts, I know!) so I saved some corn chips, salsa and cheese so they could have them separate. Means I could put extra jalapeños in ours 🤤 The salsa was 6 large tomatoes diced finely, kidney beans, a tin of pineapple plus a bit of the juice, tomato paste, a carrot, chipotle paste and garlic 😋

👫Kitchen dream team making buckwheat crepes💞 Hubby is out of town and I took the opportunity to make one of my childhood favourites, tomato soup and crepes! Hubby despises tomato soup (gave him reflux as a child) but I love it, especially served with sweet crepes 🤤 and was hoping the kids would too! Miss 4 loved it instantly (she’s been luke warm before) but couldn’t resist this soup which was leftover bean and veggie soup from freezer blitzed up with tomatoes and cream 🍅🥛🥕🌽🥦🥔🍠 The little guy took a looong good while to get around to trying some. He loved using the ladle to fill his bowl.. then he ate his crepe... then he spooned lots of soup onto his plate and swirled it around.. then he ate some.. and continued eating the whole bowl! Haha, i wasn’t sure it was going to make it into his mouth but it feels extra nice when they love something I loved as a kid 😍

🍏🍎Playing #30daysofdinners catch-up! ⬅️⬅️⬅️ But first check out this cool wall of apple varieties at Willie Smith’s cider factory outside of Hobart. Def recommend a visit, kids loved the mini apple orchard! We also had a delicious lunch/dinner at their restaurant before heading to the airport but only grabbed a photo of the little guy inhaling their potatoes 🤤 Got a vegan shepherds pie out of the freezer when we got home late Monday for Tuesday’s dinner, and today for day 26 we had chicken, kale-slaw, corn cobs, baked potatoes and cauliflower. The kids don’t eat much of the slaw so did the other veg for them, but we all ate from the same food from the middle of the table 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and they did have slaw on their plate (and ended up picking out the carrot to eat!)🍗🥔🥗

💚Hearts for my little valentines❤️ A random breakfast platter of porridge cookies (from freezer), capsicum, cucumber, avo, coconut and boiled eggs 😍 (second pic is what I ate 😆)

🍷Ahhh.. this was such a good idea😁 Random holiday to Tassie, staying at an awesome kid friendly Airbnb just steps from a kid friendly beach 🤩 We need to do this more often!! Missed day 22 of #30daysofdinners because we were at a friends house and I didn’t pick up my phone, but here’s day 23: all delicious local produce and products! Yum 😋

✌🏼Hi from Hobart 😎 I forgot to take a pic of day 22 of #30daysofdinners because it was a stressful restaurant meal near Sydney airport and NOT a meal worth remembering 😂 unlike today’s lunch! Kids had eaten the last of our packed food so just had toast (dare I say the most delicious GF bread I’ve ever had!?😍) and I had my avocado quota filled for the day 😋💚🥑

🥝Our weekdays in breakfasts 🍳 I signed up for Simone’s (@playwithfood_au) breakfast challenge because who doesn’t need a bit of inspiration for the first meal of the day?! We tried something new in our breakfast every day of the week! Monday the kids had coconut flakes with their pancakes 🥥 Tuesday we had a new cereal: puffed quinoa 🌱 Wednesday we had a pumpkin-buckwheat slice thrown together using no recipe just (my) pantry staples 🎃 Thursday we did scrambled egg with cold salmon leftover from dinner 🐟 and Friday we had cucumber in our smoothie 🥛🥒 Some were hits, some not so much, and all were great learning experiences 🤓

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