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diesel diesel

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Diesel  Go with mistakes. Go with remakes. Go without knowing if you have what it takes. #GoWithTheFlaw


Go with the snore, go and don’t get bored @_andinoos #GoWithTheFlaw

Strike a pose and stand out from the crowd @oshawaiters
#regram “Because my skin isn't always clear. Barefaced & showing off my break out” #GoWithTheFlaw

This girl @madelinependleton let us think about dichotomy in life...
#regram: “There has always been this weird dichotomy in my life: one part of me is the obnoxious "overachiever" type - the first kid in class to raise their hand with the answer, reminding the teacher they forgot to give out homework, writing ten pages when the requirement was two, starting my own business...you know, a real "go-getter". And the other part? She lies on her bed in a semi-gelatinous puddle binge watching failed sci-fi shows for six hours at a time, concocting elaborate plans to get out of washing dishes, irking partners and housemates alike by being that person who never takes out the trash and didn't even realize that cabinet under the sink has all those sponges and stuff - where did those come from?! Lazy Madeline works in her own way though, something of a stress-reduction master, making it possible for Overachiever Madeline to go into hyper mode...when she gets around to it. And in the meantime? It's like that 90's Gin Blossoms song says: "if you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down." #GoWithTheFlaw

When @yasminsuteja questions paradigms of ’perfection’...
#regram ”Diesel asked me to respond to the brief "Perfection Is Boring". Here are a series of tableaux profiling some of the people who inspire me to break the rules, and question established paradigms of ‘perfection’. Inspired by Jørgen Leth's short film 'The Perfect Human' and '66 Scenes from America.’” #GoWithTheFlaw @urmumsyadad, @marcodonell, @lloydgoudie @kaleneville 📷 @jackstaley__

We love your mess @mirandamakaroff
#regram: "Who wants everything under control? I don't! Perfection is boring! And my room is a mess, YES Hahahah” #GoWithTheFlaw

Go with imperfections, go with no correction, go with the flaw #GoWithTheFlaw

Go and stand out, go and be proud, go with the flaw. #GoWithTheFlaw

Speak your mind, go with no filter, go with the flaw! #GoWithTheFlaw #JimCarrey #NYFW #nofilter #fashionweek #NYC

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