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Diego Sabogal  I have my moments.


This weekend, explained.

Whoa, hey! It's been a minute. Also, hello, Reno. #eyeseeyou

This dreamy little cottage was home for three days last month. Thank you, Tayrona!

Post vacation stress.

I hear should have posted more during the trip; but hey, I was truly unplugged without wifi or phone signal! So here is a photo of today's commute to begin this backwards #latergram series...

Best layover I ever experienced!

I remember this thing being a whole hell of a lot bigger. Childhood memories totally came crashing while walking around here!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program, and instead bring you this short detour.

This totally sucks, you guys.

A proper #tinto is had pleasantly conversed.

I was dusting out old notes and found this drawing of a math teacher I had. #oldhabitsneverdie