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Diego Lozano  🌊 Vancouver, BC

Don’t know where to go.

Two years with this angel. You are my life. 👑

Wherever you are, happy birthday. Wherever you go, go with all your heart. 🌍

Invisible, a short/music film that I shot in 2016 is on my Bio.


I love my life.

Fallen to rise higher... 👑


“Manufactured Beauty”

We live in a world where appearances are very important. The way you look will determine how society treats you and what privileges you get. Today, beauty is molded by society — by the advertising, fashion, and cosmetic industries. We live in a society of billboards and ads, Photoshop, and Botox. Looking a certain way (beautiful), has become an expectation, rather than a choice.

Why are we not pursuing things of lasting value rather than the newest fads of society chased by everyone else? It sounds simple enough. Yet, many people will never make that decision. We succumb to the pressure of society. We live our lives purchasing the trendiest products and fashion released to the masses, not because we actually need them, but just because everyone else bought them.

Not frightened by anyone’s perception of me. 💁‍♀️: @taylor_greening16
💄: @gabriellalagace

no rain, no flowers.


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