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Hey, You  Unfinished, low-brow bricolage.


Hell yea, fingers crossed for some sweet swag!
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R.I.P. Command Wolf

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Working on new minis - for sale, link in bio

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Finally done with these babies - Gelatinous Slime and Glitterdust D20
Up in the shop with some other goodies


Ruby Fighter

Happy accidents

The La Quinta in LaGrange, Georgia is hanted. Fog up the bathroom mirror, no joke.
Fog the bathroom in room 229 and look in the mirror, it gives the illusion of like, black-and-white rings around your eyes. You can only see it through your own eyes, it can't be photographed and you can't see the effect around anyone else's eyes when looking at them. It's some good ol' trippy shit. If you can, check it out. Good for a spook when popping out of the shower.
We couldn't replicate the effect in the other room we had, 230.
#BURNTHEM #InAWickerMan ? #witchmirror


Sketchbook junk

Throwing more layers on this. Why not. -"Ne veux-tu pas cannabis?" #alcohol #acrylic

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