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If you don't consider coffee a meal we can't be friends

I saw a post a few days ago about being at the; idk stage in life.
And..I don't know.
I do not know now and I won't know in the future either, simply because I can't.
I might know something for a very moment, but that's about it.
We gather experiences, we learn stuff, but we will never end up figuring out life, the world or the universe. We might think we do..but, in my opinion, we really don't.

The truth of one person is another ones lie. Your horrible experience is another ones most amazing.
What used to be can change.
You change.
Everything changes all the time.
Saying you KNOW something means you stop to evolve, develop and become something.
You live and learn, but you never know.

When you realize that you're now an adult too so you can solve everything with wine💁

I've changed a lot since I came back last year from the US.
I went there holding on to my dreams and expectations, had the biggest downfall of my life and the best lesson I've experienced yet.

I personally believe, in order to learn, we need to crash. Hard. It is our nature to want to remain the same, to live happily ever in our little bubble.
This bubble unfortunately is nothing but a load of nonsense. Lies, coping mechanisms, ideals created by this society, unnatural cravings and needs that are created by fake standards and your ego.

At some point, I realized for myself that what we live in mostly is nothing but bullshit.
Grades? - money? - brands? - the latest iPhone or Nike shoes? - working yourself to death because ego, social status and reputation? - Having to look a certain way because Rihanna looks like that?
Fuck. No.
All of this is imagination. It is theatre. It isn't real. It is something we created.
Something that lives in our heads and we like it, because it makes us feel comfortable. It gives us explanations, rules, laws, a way to behave and think and be.
It gives us the illusion of safety and control.

To me, what really is important is none of the above.
The real important thing in your life is you. You, your wellbeing, your emotions, your feelings, the people you love, your environment.
Your little world.

Unlearn the bs, recreate and rediscover yourself and keep doing that until you die and do what's best for you and your beliefs.
You aren't defined by any numbers, brands or whatever else.
This isn't you, this isn't anyone.
You are way more than that.
You are a living being. Part of this universe.
You are as valuable as an atom or a tree.
You are everything and nothing at the same time.

*when you drink a glass of wine and become a philosopher*
Guuuuiiise. Hi.
Did you ever feel like you don't fit in? - lost? - weird?
Congrats - me too.
The thing with growing up, in my opinion is, you realize that you are good the way you are.
We are all special in one way or the other. Either we all are special, or none of us are.
While going through puberty a lot of us feel the pressure of fitting in: we all fit in tho. - your vibe attracts your tribe.
Our vibes aren't all figured out during puberty tho, we try to be someone different every minute.
The more we grow up, the more we create ourselves for good - not in a way that we can't ever change, but the base remains the same.
I can't repeat it often enough; you are good as is. Not everyone will like you, and you won't like everyone. That's the beauty of being individuals.
I promise, as weird as you are, there are at least 10000 other people just as weird as you are.
And you'll feel it when you meet them. It won't feel forced, it won't feel like acting, it will feel natural and good.

Create yourself, be sure of who you are and your vibes will attract those who are supposed to be in your life, temporary and longterm.
Be you. Always💕

I haven't been training a lot lately..or for the past months, or maybe even already half a year, but my gains won't leave me and I think I need to thank sushi and coffee for that❤


Quality equals my productivity level🙌

Tbh I can't even identify myself anymore with the girl on the left. I was embarrassed, low self esteem, afraid, I wished I could be invisible, tons of hate for myself and no happiness.

Now I will dance in the subway and not give a shit, sing, eat in front of everyone my 4th plate, wear whatever I feel good with and don't care about what others think. - not in a way of; idgaf 'bout others - more like; I do me, my vibe attracts my tribe, I don't hate you if you don't like me, some people just aren't meant to be in your life.
The difference between those two people isn't the weight tho. I know, I sound like a broken record, but losing weight didnt make me more happy or make me feel more attractive.

After I lost all the weight, regained some, lost some, etc, that's when the journey started. The mental one. Because even at my lowest weight I didn't feel any better.
What made me feel better were and are endless hours of reflection, teaching myself to love all of me, no matter what size or shape, because..I am who I am, and I am valuable. Everyone is.
Appearance is such a shallow way to judge a person - we all judge, let's not act like we don't, we just don't surround ourselves with people we judge.
You are SO. MUCH. MORE. than that.
Imagine looking at the earth and thinking it is beautiful, then learning about physics, chemistry, math, psychology, philosophy etc.
All the beauty that is revealed when looking closer. That's you.
Weight loss, hypertrophie, weight gain, nothing of these will make you feel good - the only thing that will make you feel good is yourself. The way you perceive yourself. The way you treat and think about yourself.

You👋are👋the👋shit👋 a l w a y s.
Not to everyone, but to the people who belong in your life, and most importantly, to yourself.

Messy hair, messy room, messy mind, consistency since '96🙌

What's new, fam🙌

Can't sleep so decided to take bootypics - only logical thing to do, right? (Coffee first, tho. - no it will not interfere with me trying to sleep again, lesbehonest I drink coffee solely for the taste, wish it would affect me tho. I want to know what it feels like to not be in the mental state of a 100 year old zombie)

I actually wanted to post a real talk caption but tbh the only real talk I can do atm is either coffee or sushi. Or pizza.



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