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Hayyy hi what's new.
I haven't posted a belfie in underwear in ages, because reasons;

I didn't want to objectify myself, I didnt want to get objectified by others and I didn't want to sexualize my body.

Tbh tho, why does showing skin intimidated so many? (Why is there this thing that it is OK to post bikini pictures but not underwear..kinda the same?) Why does the naked human body get slutshamed or objectified? -it is beautiful, in and without clothes, a piece of art, always different, n a t u r a l.

Showing your body, because you are proud of it and love yourself is BEAUTIFUL.
We show our faces on social media, our biceps', our abs..why? - because we want to share, we are proud, especially when it comes to muscles and gains.

Posting a picture of your booty is like posting a picture of your biceps; both pictures stand for hard work, progress, passion, change.
It isn't sexual. It can be. Depends on how you view it.
But to me it is selflove, pride and excitement about your own willpower and success.
The human body is so many things, but sure as hell not only sex.


Kinda lol kinda why is this me 😭😂

No, I do not want to save the world. No, I do not want to save humanity. No, I do not care about everyone who suffers in this world. I do not care at all sometimes.
I care about my environment, the people around me, the people I love, the things that make me happy and about what I can do to make my little world a better place.

I don't know why people care so much about saving the world ( the world doesn't need to be saved, pretty sure it will do well with or without us, just change) or saving humanity.
I am not an ignorant person, at all. But I feel like it is a new trend to be a "good" person and care about everyone and everything.
A single person won't be able to change humanity, or the whole world, or end every single war ( although, without war no peace and vice versa, without dark no light..but that's another topic) and it also isn't one's responsibility to do so, although some people seem to enjoy to to think that. - I honestly believe it is just another "I am a good person. I care. So I am better than those who only care little or not at all" thingy.

The thing is..it isn't rational to me to care about everything. I care about MY little world. I care about certain topics that have touched me personally and I try to make a change through just thinking the way I do, saying what I have to say.
I like to imagine humans as little planets, and all of these little planets add up to our world, a big planet. We all are our own little planets, and if we all manage to take care of our own little world and take responsibility for our actions and thinking..then the world actually might be completely different.
One is not able to change anything for anyone. You start with yourself; "be the change you wish to see". I am enough to work on, so first I do that and then I focus on other stuff. How do you want to do anything if you aren't doing well yourself?
A little healthy egotism is NECESSARY.
We can only take responsibility for what we do, we can only change who we are ourselves..so let's focus on that instead of trying to play superhero.

Do what you can, be there if needed, but being a martyr never helped anyone.


Because food isn't your enemy but your friend. Especially donuts. Donuts are potential S/O's

Now watch me tan, now watch me burn burn.
#tb to 2 days ago when sun allergy appeard smh.
I avoided the sun for years when I was in puberty because I thought looking like snow white was dope, now my skin isnt used to sun and I am an Egyptian with sun allergy. Lol
Literally laughing about myself.
Oh well, instead of beach I am drinking all the frappe☕

It's everyday, broooooo.
Making sure my fupa's fine 💁

Good good or good? - good.

💥You want to look good at the beach?💥
That's how it's done;💡
• put on your most genuine smile and radiate them good vibes
• enjoy yourself - see the beach, feel the beach, BE the Beach
• put on w.h.a.t.e.v.e.r. kind of bikini you feel like wearing - or non at all, depends on your preferences
• Get some coffee, because anyone who holds a takeaway coffee in their hands automatically looks 10×times better ( jk jk. Or maybe not)

K? - K.

Because even in Greece you have to bootypose🌊

Sister swah

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