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fucking chill, it's fiction😷  If u ask me for nudes i'll expose your ass🤙🏼 multifandom+yaoi🍌 🛥i'll ship what i want, thanks💅🏼 Lewd vibes only🍑💦 Bullshit->🚪 GO VOTE VICTUURI⤵︎🍒


i'm a horrible admin, but here, have a laugh, lmfao
source: @/mahadopower|twitter🥂


I'll post the Link in my Bio👆🏼 GO VOTE VICTUURI 💖💖💖
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Whew,, i really don't have the motivation to post rn but oh well, what can ya do lmao
But anywho, this chapter was just plot twist city, definitely a quick read, my heart was still beating fast, but i'm just wondering wtf Yang did to make Sangwoo confess??🤔 How much of the truth Sangwoo told👀
Also, just a side note - when i posted the spoiler images in my story, i got bombarded with "I NEED MORE POST MORE OF IT DAMMIT" bc i only put these three pages ^^^ in my story instead of my per-usual 16 pages.
Imma say one thing bc i'm not responding to 10+ dm's about this - I pay to read this manhwa - if you're not allowed to/can't afford to, sorry that you can't read it the day it comes out, but you damn well know it'll be illegally uploaded onto a manga site within 12 hours - all y'all know this. I'm not you're source to read the entire chapter, hence why i post spoiler images and not the entire thing.
And i'm mainly annoyed bc it's followers who; 1. never interact w/my posts; 2. only view my story when it's about the new Ks chapter (i see y'all👀👌🏼); 3. only follow me bc of Ks content and updates - when that's not all that i post about lmfao.
Its also annoying bc last god damn week i went off about people reporting me for posting Ks spoilers (view the post before this one if you're confused) Like literally, all of my spoiler photosets from August are gone bc someone decided to be an ass and report them.
So no, i'm not giving out the handouts anymore lmao. I'll do a few images like this and maybe just closeups (w/out dialogue) from now on. I've had this acct for a year and put waaaay too much time and effort into almost 2k followers just to get reported for doing y'all a favor lmao.
Anywho, that's it with my salt, y'all have a great day👌🏼
Manhwa: Killing Stalking
Chapter: 33
Author/Artist: Koogi (kooo_gi|twitter) 🥂
Site: Lezhin.com (yes, you have to pay money)

Lmao, here's the close ups of Bae from chapter 32 - as i can see, spoilers are still up in my story, but hey, people just love to report me so i won't be surprised if they/or this photoset is taken down ✌🏼
Honestly, it's annoying when i barely have motivation to post on this account anyway, and literally, the one day i'm typically active is Thursday - when the new ks chapter comes out. Idk why spoilers from 2 & 3 weeks ago were suddenly reported (before i even got to formally post the new ones here) buttfuckit🖕🏼
I'll have the spoilers up for a few more hours and then i'm taking them down. I honestly wish some of y'all would realize that /i/ am the one /paying money/ to read these chapters and provide y'all with updates and spoilers.
If this keeps becoming an issue, i'll just end up reading the chapters and keeping them to myself - i'm aware other accounts post the spoilers as well, but hey, they aren't getting reported by dickheads now are they 🤷🏼‍♀️
Manhwa: Killing Stalking
Chapter: 32
Author/Artist: Koogi (@/kooo_gi|twitter)
Site: Lezhin.com (yes, you have to pay money)
#killingstalking #ks #yangseungbae #koogi

So way back when, i used to be apart of the snk fandom, but this man was always and still is my husband, happy birthday you beautiful, cruel, adorable, sadistic bastard💖 Thanks for being my main source of inspiration for my writing✌🏼❤️
#HajimeIsayama #HappyBirthdayIsayama

Yuri is the embodiment of me looking at my phone in general lmfao
Hi hello, currently suffering from some back pains, but i hope all y'all are doing good💛
Also, thank you for 1,907💖💖
Source: @/AnimaBella909|twitter🥂
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mMKAY, shoutout time ❗️❗️
So, as i'm sure some of you remember, my wife renoidan, lost her account a few months ago.
Well now, she's back in fucking business 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 And she's created a new account and is starting fresh!
I know many of you here followed her, so if you were wondering where she went, here you go!
@_renoidan is BACK 💖👏🏼
I love this image she drew of me and her. Literally i screamed when she posted the wip the other day. Two sexy ass bäddies 😜💖 I love this so much, i'm still screaming.
So, go and give my wife a follow, give her a warm welcome back, and help her reclaim the 10k she lost, but with new, fresh, positive faces💖 ONLY GOOD VIBES FOR MY BÄDDIE😤👌🏼💖
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I'm so proud of you for taking this step and starting again. You're truly amazing and inspiring🥂💖
Artist: Renoidan
Ig: @_renoidan
Tumblr: renoidan.tumblr.com
Twitter: @/renoidan

Beautiful, gorgeous, strong katsudon baby i love him so much.
But hi hello good morning, i plan on spamming probably bc i'm saying "fuck it" and this accounts going to be multifandom (besides yuri on ice and killing stalking) so yeah, here we go, it's gon be lit 🔥
Also, i'm posting a shoutout for my wife in a few, but there's one in my story already if you don't feel like waiting ✌🏼💖
Source: @/_oshirukos|twitter 🥂
#yurionice #yoi #yurikatsuki #yuurikatsuki

Good morning, please enjoy this incredibly marshy, warm, & fluffy Viktor Nikoforov ✨
i think today's the day i'm finally gonna say fuck it and go multifandom lmao
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THE POOR WOMAN IS EXHAUSTED😩💖 She's given us so many well-thought out chapters, and last week's episode was LONG.
#LetKoogiRest bc I don't want to see her getting any shit for this. She's allowed to be tired. And as of right now, she's only taking a week off, so hopefully if she's feeling up to it next week, she'll give us a new episode!
But yes, let me repeat - there will be no Killing Stalking chapter upload today❗️❗️❗️
But regardless, y'all have a good day!
Source: Koogi's twitter via -> @/kooo_gi|twitter🥂
#killingstalking #ks #killingstalkingchapter #killingstalkingupdate #yoonbum #sangwoo #ohsangwoo #koogi #yangseungbae

The crotchular region forecasts for a large aMOUNT OF DICK TO BE DELIVERED, JFC YUUURRRIII 👏🏼💦
But hi, hello, i didn't wait a whole week to post again, i demand a cookie 🍪
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