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On the clock

50-50 ledge bonk @wickerslam shot that made it to @transworldskate sightings. Actually wearing that elvis costello shirt right now

Household ollie at my aunt tinas house in Shmaboogums Missouri. Love ant tina. 📸 @wickerslam

Last blank board i had 🤷‍♂️

Package from pops. Bag of confetti. Skull & bones. 500 million year old trilobites that they discovered in Utah. When they told the historical society of “fossil hunters” where they had found them the society asked if he could show them where so they could start a dig. Big foot socks. Life savers (could save your life one day). Feathers. Coozie cause he has to many. Pictures in case i forgot what he looked like. And of course a cheesy skateboard skull statue for a good hard time. Proud to be a Dekker

Sat down twice this week for about a half hour each time an just kinda let my brain throw up. Im gunna set it up now an skate it till it dies

Then the good god, who watches above will damn you to hell and then tell you to love

Im usually the one that never smiles in our couples photos. Its mine an this little ladys four year today an i think thats pretty incredible. Love you toots your one of a kind

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