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Dianna Dahlgren  Believer.Wife.Mom Host.TV Pit Reporter.Model.OG IFBB Pro CoOwner @salty_honey FITNESS COACH 💪🏼 @monsterenergy @fitnessgurls athlete 👇🏼SIGNED Merch

Sent it. 😭😭😭
🎥 @axellhodges
@monsterenergy ❤️💋

Reminiscing about STURGISSSSSS with @mercedesterrell
We had so much FUN can’t wait to go back ❤️😍😊

Super honored to be on the June cover of @fitnessgurls magazine!!!! Thank u so much to Jason and @lee_lhgfx for shooting this gorgeous cover!

My 30 day fitness diary is ALMOST READY!
30 days of my complete regiment to loose body fat! When I say complete regiment I mean my various workouts, macro nutrient counts, how I was feeling each day and MORE.

Selfie cause I feel good about myself.
Lol or should I put ***magic is in the air cause the sun is shining so bright*** some lame ass quote. 😂😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️

Mom you did an amazing job raising all four of us. I love you. #happymothersday

Looking at this pic and thinking why can’t I find time to put on make up everyday so I can always feel hot. 😂😂😂 #poorFrogman #onlywearmakeupforshoots

Tuesday’s 🤷🏼‍♀️
@salty_honey head to toe

In honor of #VEGAS @supercrosslive
So much fun!!!!

5 years ago today I met @frogman5326 ❤️
It was VEGAS supercross and I was like who da FKKKKKK is THAT. whole world slowed down for a few seconds. I called dibs on his ass and told al the monster girls don’t u even talk to him 😂😂😂
Later that night I told @kellylouch how fine I thought he was and sure enough she went and told him to go to the after party. Short story I saw him later that night at the after party and history was made.
I’m so happy that this is my partner in life, I won’t lie y’all marriage can be amazing AND rough. You have times where you’re like this is PERFECTION and other times where you think why on earth did I marry this person. Lol. But don’t give up, it’s easy to give up. Just pray and stay calm, do not loose your shit (so hard for me), work that shit out. I love our ups and downs, I love your craziness, how you always wanna be on the move from state to state, I hate all your questions but somehow love them too, and love your motivation and drive. Thank you for driving me daily to create and open my own businesses and thank you for all you do for myself and Hunter. I love you. #5years #weOLD

It’s Monday, let me just rant about Monday.
I wake up and I can’t wait to hop on our email and see our order emails, customer service emails, comments on our Instagram. It motivates me, drives me. Taylor and I own a brand that has become a community of women from all different backgrounds, different body types, all different ways of fitness they use to create their own way of ‘healthy’. We work so so hard and we have so so much fun. We are so incredibly grateful. Everyday we talk we literally talk about how much @salty_honey has grown in just a year and a half. I think the best part of Salty Honey is how much we embrace and empower our fellow sisters. It ain’t easy being a woman sometimes, we work hard no matter what we do.... wife life, mom life, work life, home life.
Our beautiful customers love and embrace our brand and their fellow women and spoil themselves with some Salty Honey.
We do this for you ladies, every damn day. We love it, we breathe it, and we will keep spreading our love and heart in hopes to keep reaching more women who love and embrace their fellow woman.
Dream of something and work your ass off for it everyday, your dream will become your reality. #entrepreneurlife #grateful #blessed #thankyouJesus

hip thrusts and squats work
Love itttt @lee_lhgfx
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