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DIANE BADÍÈ ‎  ——> ba.DEEE.eh ‎• بديع 🎁 2019. nyc. los angeles singer-songwriter/producer/composer, apparel designer DIANEBADIE.com + @lesserpieces

4ever grateful for them. 💌 happy birthday dad! 1 in a milli

‘new’ and ‘old’ work coming into focus. praise jah. 😭🙏🏾♥️👋🏾

kids see ghosts. they do. @kidcudi

all the things ☎️🌹
cc: @salaamremi ・・・
TGIF....... Stevie...... MasterBlaster........

clown life by Marty Mcfly @marthabahia @mikeslott 💕💕💕

needs more coffee needs more sleep. gets both. needs more.

hello! 💕💕 @lesserpieces 5AM’ is out TOMORROW!! 🖲
.... .
somebody’s gotta try to say goodbye
somebody’s gotta try so why can’t I
without you my curves get in the way
without you my hips don’t sway the same...

friends n fam, all the same 🌹
@lesserpieces ‘5AM’ out on Friday 📷 by @neilkryszak

@lesserpieces ‘5AM’ is out on Friday fam!
📷 @neilkryszak

hi JUNE 🔌

LA 🍭🍭🍭 @lesserpieces

this one’s for you @djfrancescaharding 🌹

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