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Friday Focus. Spin your situation. See it in a new light. Find the higher purpose for it. What are you actually gaining from it. You can change the way you look at things and then the things you look at changes!

What is your passion? What are your gifts? Do you know? Do you care?
I always wonder this when I walk by strangers.

I wonder… what did SHE come here to do? Or Be? What is her purpose? Did she forget?
Did someone tell her it was stupid, wouldn’t make any money and she should re-think “that”… Did she listen to that outer voice, and go the “safe” route?
Did she think this person must “know” better because who am I?
Or did she pave the way for the rest of us, and give us hope and faith that living from a place of inner guidance IS possible and IS actually “safe”… I wonder…. For me, I listened to the outer voice.
If you’re curious… you can click the bio link to read just one of the many stories I have…

Create the environment YOU need for your spiritual growth. We came here as spirits to have a human experience. I think, our spirits want to grow. Therefore when they're not we feel stifled, stuck, confused, depressed. We aren't listening to that inner spirit that's been here with us since day one. So whether its candles, books, art, music, dancing, flying, swimming, whatever environment helps you feel your spirit, that's where she will grow. Go there more often.

We all came into this world with complete ability to know what is right for us! "Stop attempting to "figure out" things with your logical mind. Stop running to others for answers to questions about your life. Stop waiting for some kind of lightbulb sign and pay more attention to the subtleties. start listening to yourself and go your own way." (Excerpt from "Expectation Hangover").

"We all feel fear... The difference is that some people dare to feel them and go through them anyway. It is necessary to be brave in order to realize these changes. But if we don't do it, no one will do it for us. Neither Jesus nor Buddha will return to save us. The transformation is an internal one. There is no other way to do it. There is no shortcut in the search. Each one of us choose our own path. The braver we are, the farther we go and the more possibilities that present themselves in our path. The good news is that fears exist only in our minds. They are created by us. Only we can change them. Beliefs and memories can be erased. We do not need them to survive. Our freedom depends on this process. In abandoning the prison that we've created in our minds, we are open the door to our soul and recovering our freedom." (Excerpt from "The Easiest Way")

It's just another Marriage Monday woahhh woahhh!!! Better late than never but I've been going a mile and minute BUT the beautiful and real thing about that is that I still take come back to my happy place next to this man. Always take a moment. And this is a typical weekend move we engage in... he says "hey let's do handstands". I say "you know I suck at handstands."
Cut to this... I'm pretty convinced @roadtothepodium does this for his own amusement. And yet he melts my heart like a stick of butter on a warm gluten free bun ✨✨😂

Don't be held back by worry about what other people think. Trust me I KNOW how hard that is! Everything from going to Target to standing on stage in a bikini or standing up for something you believe in can trigger the feeling. THIS picture actually represents such a great day in Costa Rica where I met my good friend @kristen.johnson510 for the first time in person! But I thought ugh I look terrible! I look jet lagged and old and so I just kept it in my phone as my own memory and this morning I realized what I had done. I let my fear of being talked about for perceived as "less than" control me and take away a moment of happiness. Fuck that. Takeaway here is don't let the fear of other people diminish your happy moments!! Most people aren't thinking about me or you anyway lol so really we are the ones judging ourselves unworthy. How silly!

Scroll scroll scroll. I know the drill but THIS concept has the power to shift anything. When you FIRST stop, breathe, relax, and get yourself into a peaceful state, then from there you can shift the circumstances or see a better way or if nothing else, feel peace and acceptance. If however we get lost IN our "circumstance" and don't tap into our state of BEING we block new ideas, changes in perception and peace of mind. Shift you energy first. Get into a high vibe state before you even leave your house in the morning!

Being truly alive and joyful isn't just a "selfish" ideal. It effects everyone around you. If you don't want happiness for yourself, what about for your children??

Get Coached Live on my 1 Hour Laser Coaching Call in July/August. Free call, One hot coaching topic, ample opportunity for individual questions, practical, spiritual and mindful guidance to move forward! Date/topic tbd.
Participants will have an opportunity to submit questions prior to the call, and during. I will do my best to get to them all!
In my coaching practice I find that the biggest blocks are often things like:
- "I don't like to meditate but I know it's important, what should I do?" - "I've been trying to lose these last 5 pounds but I can't keep them off, what am I doing wrong?" - "I just don't feel like I know what to do next, I'm stuck" - "Should I stop eating dairy?" - "I'm in this relationship but I kinda might not want to be anymore, but that seems like a crazy thing to do, and I'm spinning thoughts in my mind constantly" - "I just don't have a lot of energy, and I want live my life in a way that brings me joy"
If YOU have a burning thought that jumps into your mind that you think...if I could just figure this out, I'd be so much happier, make sure you send me your question! If you don't have a question yet but just want to be inspired to LIVE more PM and I will put you on the list for this event.

This is just my favorite quote. That's all :) Apply as needed and wait for miracles. You will not know HOW you will change but as long as you make the decision to do it, AND practice keeping in faith and commitment it will happen. One day you'll look back and wonder how the heck life looks like it does. Each phase is special but it's also temporary so if you're in a phase that's feeling a little (or a lot) stifling; if you're so "over it".... know that on the DECISION to move out of that is magic and power and that is real.
Is risk of staying where you are painful enough yet???

It's okay to evolve. Actually it's required. There are seasons of growth in life and I feel like physical body worship is one season. Unfortunately instead of embracing new bodies, we try so hard to hang onto old ones or are on a constant pursuit of the "ideal" body at the expense of the ideal mind, happiness, life. We measure everything against this ONE aspect of human existence at the expense of the others. Here's the thing, it makes sense that as we EVOVLE in our human experience, other things become more important and that's gooooood. That's required. It's when we try to hang on to an old way of being because that's what's "expected" of us; we suffer. Literally. Ever felt like you had to keep talking about diets or fitness even though you were so over it (hand raised); ever felt like you had to continue working as an ____ because that what people see you as? Or you stay in a relationship that's sucking your soul because it's just what is and how could you disappoint everyone?? You get what I mean?? The thing is we ALL evolve so it's okay your mind and it's okay to change your viewpoint, your body, you job. This is your life and life is evolution through seasons. Don't get STUCK in a past season at the expense of your Soul growth. That's where the suffering comes in. Once the suffering comes in, the addictions and numbing and habits take over to HIDE the truth. You were just meant to evolve.
Journal question: where have I missed the call to evolve? Just free write. Meaning don't think about what your writing so much. Just start writing for a full 5 minutes and see what you come up with!

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