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It's just another Marriage Monday woahhh woahhhh lollol! I love this picture and it makes me love this guy even more. He so annoying and won't take a picture and yet here i am getting a good laugh the next day still. Let's see it people. What are YOU dealing with?! Haha. How'd I get so lucky 😂. Totally am absolutely lucky buuuuut my husband wears ice cream cones on his shirt ✨🙌🏻🙌🏻

Sometimes the first time you hear about a book or try to open a book, you just don't feel it. It may be that at that time you weren't ready for the lessons that were there. You were not at the same energetic vibration of thoughts and beliefs in the book. If you have one of those books and it's kind of calling to you right now, pick it up, flip to a page. You my be pleasantly surprised at it is exactly what you need.

This was my very first SSpiritual growth style event! I didn't tell anyone I was going, and it felt a little crazy as I sat there but something felt like an inner truth behind the words. That's how I feel about all of it. Every new book I read, event I attend, teacher I follow comes with an inner "yes". And it CHANGES as I change. As my Spirit evolves I crave to feed it differently and that's okay! Don't cling so hard to what "worked" that you miss the divinity in this new moment. FIND YOUR TRUTH in whatever it is. Whatever feels GOOD, listen to that. Trust that. Whatever it takes to get us closer to consciousness and peace.

May you see each an every person in your life (including yourself) anew today... like it's the first time you're seeing them. Allow them the opportunity to be different. It's a new day and if we're always judging people on yesterday we may miss who they've become. Take them out of the box. Take yourself out of the box. ALLOW something new to unfold.

Stop saying "that's just how I am"!! Geez. That's a lie. And excuse you tell yourself so you don't have to do what you know you should. If you can't even think about an alternate reality for yourself, there cannot BE an alternate reality. The change in your reality requires a change in your thinking first. End. Of. Story.
I kinda default towards tough love these days. I think it's because I get so frustrated with my own stupid patterns that I project that onto you lol. So if you're offended... well just block me ;)

It's just another Marriage Monday woahh woahhhhh! The secret for any relationship, is to give a shit! To care enough about the other's feelings to check yourself, and to want to love them; to have the difficult conversations and not fear looking stupid. @roadtothepodium is the most important person in this world to me. And even if we have kids he will STILL BE because he's not going anywhere and why would I want to teach kids anything else?? SHOW and TEACH by example the happiness and fulfillment you desire for the ones that are watching YOU.

There's no such thing as a bad meditation. Any time you spend in silence is valuable, even if your InterVoice is persistent and loud. Don't judge it; just observe it. Simply observe yourself sitting there and when a stray thought suddenly appears just note it, and use its presence as a reminder to go back to the gap. (Another passage from Wayne Dyer, my favorite spirit guide)

It's in the SILENCE without THOUGHT that magic happens. It's the space BETWEEN the endless thoughts where ideas magically pop into your head. Where do your thoughts pop in from??? From the space, the silence, the nothing. Imagine music with no silence between notes?? We wouldn't have music!
Marinate on this concept especially if you're a constant "thinker" (or worrier) like I was ;)
Quote tile from my favorite spirit guide, Wayne Dyer)

And sometimes that "action" is simply sitting still in silence, allowing your thoughts to melt into the background and connecting to the divine intelligence of your own understanding...

There is no READY. You could always be "more ready" or less. Instead of focusing on "readiness", focus on the inner tap. Focus on the coincidences and synchronicities and constant thoughts telling you to DO IT ALREADY. THAT means you're READY. There's no better sign. If you were looking for one. This. Is. It.

It's just another Marriage Monday woahhh woahhhh ✨✨🙌🏻. I don't always listen when @roadtothepodium tries to teach me stuff but the rope climb was all him and is one of the trillion reasons I smile when I see him ;) See we all have negative crap we throw at our partners right?? BUT we can make a list of alllllll the little and big things that make us smile about them too because those are just as relevant and MORE important to focus on IF a happy life is on your agenda! And I hope it is! So today, think about all the little and big things that your love has shared with you. Keep that list on hand for when he/she leaves the toilet seat up 🤦‍♀️. And PS Every time I climb the rope at #spartanrace I am SO happy that I learned fail proof technique from this guy!
Shoutout to pro photog @westoncarls for these fun pics!!

PERSISTENTLY is the key here! Use you IMAGINATION to SEE what you DESIRE and make it so real in your mind EVERYday, per.sis.ten.tly and you will SEE your imaginations come to life! These are the rules.

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