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💫 Diana Huntley 💫  Finding the magic in the mundane. Looking for a little extraordinary. 🌴 aussie actress + blogger in LA 🌏 wanderer 💌 champagnetwilight@gmail.com


Do you want your life to be “a daring adventure, or nothing at all”? ‘What price are you willing to pay?’ - it seemed to be asking me. It looked at me, a frie hanging out of its mouth, before it ascended into the air currents. Seagulls don’t take quotes from the internet (just fries), I had to remind myself - but I hope that when I see my last sunset, my life will have made a difference. 💛

I’m not afraid anymore, Neo. The Oracle told me that I would fall in love and that...hang on. We’re not in The Matrix, and I decided I would be in charge of my own destiny :) 💫 But yes, I will have those chicken and waffles. ❤️ PC: @i_am_rm

All that we ever want is always but a heartbeat away. Look deeper and you’ll find it was never power or success. Like dopamine running through your veins - Happy Love Day 🌹 PC: @kevin_mathison_photography

Sometimes, in a crystal lake on a clear day, a flash in a window in a storybook town, I see another looking back at me - the innocent, irreproachable, trusting - the dreamer in me, the lover.
Not soaked by the tears and blood of life experience, nor shivering in the frost of how cold the world can be. That little girl - that’s who I protect at all costs, so when I’m creating, she can be free to save me from myself, and remind me of who I could be. 💙🙏🏼🌱 // Memoirs Of A Dreamer #ProtectYourVision #SaveYourself

If one Torii gate marks the transition from the mundane to the sacred - what’s in 10,000? The truth lies in the actions not the words. Our time and our energy is sacred - we only have so much. There are those, pursuits and people, who make us feel alive and privileged. Others drain our life force.

Recognise the worthy, and lavish your gifts on them - after all, nobody remembers what you say, or even do, merely how you made them feel.

My greatest lesson has been that not everybody makes me a better person, or the person who I want to be. So now, when people show, not tell, me who they want to be, I believe them. 💞

“We all get our dreams stamped on from time to time, right? And if it didn’t hurt, what kind of second-rate dreams would they be?” - Altered Carbon.
I’ve been watching Altered Carbon on Netflix, and critics seem to swarm towards the topical white-washing and disempowered female character accusations - the main problem being the fact that the story centres around a Asian man’s consciousness in a white body. In the literary canon, this is in fact the way this particular narrative is written. In a show with powerful Asian, Hispanic, and 2 Black women as the 4 female leads most central to the series, whose characters act independently of and evolve beyond the influence of the men in their lives (in fact, it may be the male story lines which are influenced by the women) - as well as a solid storyline featuring the Asian male actor in substantial flashbacks in a romantic lead role - it would seem that some critics are jumping to conclusions without having watched it, which is a dereliction of responsibility.
As an actress of color, and one whose future depends on the evolution of the industry to include diversity, I also think that it is important we approach this with some nuance, rather than using it as a buzzword or simply indulging biased topical discussion, maligning truly diverse shows before having a true understanding of what they’re about. .
That’s all :) Also Dichen Lachman is a badass, and goals. 📷: @i_am_rm

Wild thing, you are fire.
You are magic. You are
Your dreams are
you are enough,
you are not too much.
Don’t ever apologise for being
the ocean, the cyclone, the entire damn galaxy where even the moon pales by comparison. 📷: @i_am_rm

I want to believe in a world where affinity, serendipity, and infinite potential are enough, she whispered into the silence. I want to know a world where the will to build a better life means the divine won’t just pass me by in the current.

“The innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time.” All of us. Let it not be the differentiator in how we treat those around us.
All of us, every last one, will look back one day to see how we spent ours, whether it was a week in the life of a butterfly, or decades of a road well walked. Let’s not have any regrets, you and I, the deer living in a park, the still beating heart amidst the flashing blue and red on the freeway.
Let the knowledge that we ALL could have minutes, or we could have a lifetime, elevate us to treat everybody with the care they deserve. Because this is us. All of us matter. ❤️

My last 2 nights in Kyoto, raindrops falling from the sky, and I was feeling like Italian after all the traditional Japanese. Kyoto is little restaurants tucked away in alleyways: you, your mystery food, and 6 other tables. I’m watching the occupants out of the corner of my eye - culture is so fascinating - it’s not quite the Hollywood animal kingdom on a weeknight. 🍱🍤🍣
Not being obligated to be anywhere, being in a town where nobody knows your name, not being able to read a word of the menu - it tastes like freedom. So when LA gets tough, and I close my eyes, I’m walking through the rain again. Not that LA isn’t one of the most magical places in the world; just that real life doesn’t always allow you to disconnect.
Coming up to my 2nd LAnniversary, a friend noted “it gets easier from here” - we’ve witnessed the 2016 election, we’ve faced the reality of how many women (not just women) are out there bearing the scars or running scared from past abuses with a smile on their faces, looking for the good in people. We’re grappling with a changing world where wildfires, hunger and the commodification of fear threaten our actual future.
It’s ok to turn away for a minute, so I walked 30 blocks in the rain, letting it soak in, because on the other side of the world, there are people just like us living a vastly different reality - not easier, just different. So consider this a reminder that it’s okay to take a breath, savour the moment, save the small joys for a rainy day - metaphorically stand in the rain, in a city where it almost never does.💧☔️🙏🏼💙 When I prioritise what truly matters to me, everything else falls into place.
“Don’t tell me you love the rain when you don’t stay to watch her dry after she’s fallen for you.” -Lauren Eden. This sums up LA so perfectly 😂

In the quiet hour, the trees whisper of silence and serenity 🎋🍃💚
...what you don’t hear, is the leaf blower. Just keeping it real, because so much of what you see isn’t! 🙏🏼

On Monday nights, we wear pink 🌸 Had a blast trying out the new @alyaskinaus detoxifying and brightening Pink Clay Mask - thanks guys! I’m shameless for anything Aussie and pink, and it smelt and felt amazing. Best part - it’s cruelty-free and vegan :) 🐭 .
Use code: ‘dianahuntley’ for 10% off if you feel so inclined at all 💗 #TouchedByAlya

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